Phoenix elections.

The decisive reelection of Phil Gordon was no surprise. In District 1 Thelda Williams met the 50% plus 1 requirement by a comfortable margin to avoid a run off. Claude Mattox was unopposed in District 5 and ran away with 97% of the vote. All of the propositions passed except Prop 2, a pay raise for the major and council.

The surprise came in Districts 3 and 7. In District 3 the establishment candidate Maria Baier did not reach the 50% mark and will face Jon Altmann in the November 6th run-off.

In District 7 the well-connected and well-franked Laura Pastor received a strong challenge from Michael Nowakowski. They will also face each other on November 6th.

Down south in Tucson there were no surprises. The race there is a partisan election but the Democrats did not field a viable candidate for mayor. Current Mayor Walkup was unopposed in the Republican side and will most likely sail to an easy victory in November over the Green Party candidate Dave Croteau.

In Ward 1 Regina Romero easily beat Ken Green in the Democratic primary. Ward 2 was very similar with Glassman handily winning against Reus. Shirley Scott was unopposed in the primary for Ward 4.

The two Republican council candidates ran unopposed in the primary. Lori Oien will face Glassman in the Ward 2 general election in November. Dan Spahr will challenge Scott in Ward 4. Oien seems to engender the most hope among Republicans but the fact that all of the voters in Tucson get to vote on each ward does not help. The city has a strong advantage in Democratic registration.

For a rundown of the other city and town elections from Tuesday see


  1. Excellent post!

  2. Mr. Conservative says

    I think once the real estate market recovers, it’s time to sell my home & get out of Phoenix… This city is out of control and no one seems to be able to stop the spending, plus my city councilman is more concerned with banning people from text messaging while driving than anything else going on right now. Where is the leadership?

  3. Someday, when Tucson grows up and changes their charter to election by ward, Tucsonans will have more accurate representation. Its not fair that four wards can gang up on a lone Republican ward and elect a Democrat. It would be like the rest of the states ganging up on Arizona to elect our congressmen and senators. Thank God I don’t live in that liberal cesspool anymore!

  4. Sure, Flash Gordon was re-elected by a landslide, but less than 100k people participated in the election. He managed to schedule the election on 9/11, virtually a holy day for patriotic Americans, thus keeping its profile very low. This probably didn’t affect the outcome by any means, but it ensured the low turnout thus giving his 50k+ closest friends the ability to dominate at the polls. After all that, he still could get his pay raise voted in.

    I’m glad I don’t live in that city. I’m sure I’d be tired of him and the council opening my wallet and helping themselves.

  5. BP, The pay raise was voted down (at least so far). With advance voting, I don’t think Sept. 11 had anything to do with turnout. Turnout for this election was better than for the previous city election. I can’t believe the tax increases were approved so overwhelmingly. Voters need to step up in these runoff elections to prevent a springboard for a new generation of tax raisers.

  6. Thanks to the many conservatives that got us to the Phoenix City Council District 3 run-off!

    What you will not read in the newspapers is that Maria Baier spent more than $100,000 to get into a run-off with me (Jon Altmann) – yet I spent about 1/5th of what she did to come from no name ID to be the Nov. 6th choice for conservatives and fair minded citizens.

    One of us is the real conservative and knows how to get more out of the dollar spent.

    I appreciate the votes from the many conservatives, veterans and fair minded folks in District 3 and look forward to debating Mrs. Baier on the issues – not a forum – a debate.

    Thanks to the many volunteers who have put this campaign on the map. I need your continued support. Please call me at 602-482-VOTE (8683) if you wish to learn more.

  7. Jon Altman uses his photo as a military figure to garner the votes of sympathetic veterans and others who appreciate the uniform. I wish he would publish his service record for all to see – where’s his web site? Do I smell a George W. in all this? By the way – using the precious uniform of our country for political advantage should be outlawed. Signed: A Republican who’s served.

  8. What Jon Altman SHOULD be telling you is that his photo in uniform as part of a political campaign is ILLEGAL…and he knows it….it is against US Navy uniform policy as well as US Code.

    Shame on him for bastardizing his uniform for his own political gain and tarnishing the name of all those who serve.

    -combat vet

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