Phoenix elections as viewed by ASRPA.

The following information is provided courtesy of Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association, an NRA affiliated shooting organization.

(If a candidate does not get a majority, there will be a run-off election on Nov. 6th)

REMEMBER, this chart is just a guide. Based on a candidate’s actions, responses to questionnaires, statements, attitudes and other available information. Incumbents are also rated on their performance, including leadership posts, usually giving us a more accurate “grade”.

This chart will be updated and corrected as necessary, up to ELECTION DAY, 11 Sept. 2007
Updates: Be sure to check

A = Very good, strong pro rights
B = Good, usually supports rights, might not oppose additional restrictions.
C = Sometimes supportive of rights, may support more restrictions
D = Would support more restrictions, little or no support for rights
F = Strongly opposed to your rights, self defense and/or shooting sports, hunting, etc.
? = No reply. Probably hostile or indifferent to your rights.
* = Endorsed by NRA

MAYOR     Gordon *( B+ )      Lory(A )     Maupin( ? )  


Dist 1.  Humphrey( A- )     O’Connell( A )     Williams * ( A ) 

Dist. 3 Altmann( A )     Baier( ? )     Ianuzzo ( A )

Dist. 5 Mattox *( A )  

Dist. 7 Harding(?)     Marston(?)     Nowakowski(?)       Pastor(?)

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