Phoenix Councilman Bryan Jeffries makes “no perks – no pension” pledge

CONTACT: Bryan Jeffries

PHOENIX – Phoenix District 2 City Councilman Bryan Jeffries today issues his “No-Perks – No Pension Pledge” that is a first in Phoenix government:

He has given up all city hall benefits, including the state elected official’s pension that comes with the job.

“These are tough times for Phoenicians. People are struggling with loss of income, jobs and even to make their mortgage payments. I have not taken any of the city hall “perks” that come with being a city councilman, and I am making sure Phoenix taxpayers are not paying for a pension for me,” Jeffries said.

Since taking office as the appointed replacement for the District 2 council seat vacancy, Councilman Jeffries has declined the health insurance, smart mobile phone and other “perks” normally allocated to each city council member. Since state law does not allow dropping out of the state elected official pension system, Councilman Jeffries has asked the City Manager to provide the bill for the city’s portion of the pension cost for him so he can write a check back to the city treasury.

“There’s a lot of follower-ship in politics today. My step is to set the bar for service on a citizens’ council and provide leadership by taking the step to save taxpayer money,” Jeffries emphasized.

Councilman Jeffries has already reduced the city council office expenditures by 67% since taking office. He has switched neighborhood meetings to Saturdays, using city fire stations for pancake breakfasts, meeting constituents during their off time.

“The pancake breakfasts allow families to come, meet their city hall representatives in their neighborhood, meet other neighbors, and I am doing it with either donations or out of my pocket, not the taxpayer’s money,” the District 2 councilman said.

Bryan Jeffries is the only Phoenix City Council member or candidate for Council to give back the perks and pension.

The “Jeffries Pledge” is”

I, Bryan Jeffries, as your City Councilman, recognize these are hard times for Phoenicians. People across our city have lost income, jobs, benefits and many are struggling to make their mortgage or rent payments.

I am giving back all the “city hall perks” – Phoenix taxpayers will not be paying for an elected official pension, health care, cell phone or other “perks” that Phoenix council members get. I am giving it back because during hard times, it sets the bar of leadership to simply do my part and help out.

I am not a career politician and I don’t need the elected official pension benefit. This is supposed to be a citizens’ council. It does not make sense to get more than other citizens have during tough times.

Each Council member and candidate has their own decision to make on the perks. This is how I will lead for District 2 neighbors.

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  1. Nothing says “responsible” like giving up the perks & the pension.

  2. Finally, some common sense in government. After watching the news all week, this was a refreshing note!

  3. Bryan Jeffries is a union thug. Don’t be fooled by this press release. He is the head of the MESA FIREFIGHTERS UNION. He supports the food tax. He endorsed CLAUDE MATTOX for Mayor. So why is this press release on here?

    • Dan Alba says

      If You knew Bryan Jeffries You would realise how ridiculous Your slanderous comment is. You obviously have no idea what You are talking about. I’ve known Bryan for over 14 years and He would not hesitate to risk his life for You , Your family and Your property.In the future , please research Your subject matter before You make a fool of Youself.

  4. Dan please tell me which part of my comment was inaccurate?

  5. Reality – I’ll add to Dan’s remarks – the “union thug” part. That is really nasty. You’re saying he’s like a bar-room brawler. In fact, Bryan has helped raised money for veterans organizations and youth programs. Yes, I know Bryan also. He’s an upstanding guy. He leads the Mesa-AJ-Gilbert firefighters – eleced by 780 of them to be the guy who sits down with city managers and city councils.

    Ask Mesa Mayor Scott Smith – a conservative Republican mayor – what he thinks. He endorsed Bryan.

    Also, no, he has said he would not have supported the food tax, but found other ways to head off the need and not hurt emergency response times.

    So “Reality” the reaility is that you are wrong and just plain mean. If you are Phoenix Dist. 2 voter, you have two other CAREER POLITICIANS to chose from on the Aug. 30th ballot, both of whom want the perks and pension paid for by tax dollars – oh, the same perks and pension Bryan has said he’s not taking.

  6. Please do not vote for Peggy Neely. It is time for a full court press against Neely. She is the worst choice for mayor of Phoenix. The problem is that any of the other candidates are far better than Neely. I believe in Wes Gullet because I think he is brilliant. None of the other candidates have the capacity to move Phoenix forward in this economy. And the other candidates already had many years to not only make productive changes but were in office when the economy turned down. They did NOTHING to help Phoenix when they were in office.

    And now we see career politicians working to elect each other. First insider and former Mayor of Phoenix for two terms Skip Rimza and now insider and career politician and current Councilman Michael Johnson. Johnson and Neely did nothing to help Phoenix in the past and now they are forming a duet to sing a different tune. Do not fall for it. They clearly are singing out of tune.

    And now Neely comes up with a 12-step program to save Phoenix should she ever get elected. One of the steps is ironic. If this step were in place now, Neely would probably find herself in jail. Here is the step:

    Strengthen the ethics policy: Develop a stronger and clearer conflict of interest and ethics policy statement that will clearly point out the minimum requirements any elected official and those appointed by the elected body are to abide by. I would also include those who serve on boards and commissions. There should be no loophole, ambiguity or general lack of clarity that all of us who serve the will of the people should be expected to follow. In addition, there should be strong monetary sanctions and the risk of removal from the position imposed on anyone found to be guilty of violating the public trust in their capacity as public servants.

    I am compiling information from the public that can assist in this matter against Neely. Knowing that Neely almost destroyed North Phoenix but fortunately resigned from the City Council just in time is my motivation to keep her from becoming Mayor. Peggy Neely does not have a clue how to respond to her constituents. She ignored serious problems in her district and set her sites on being Mayor. In this case all you have to do is look at who has contributed to her campaign. Developers, zoning attorneys and others that upon information and belief got favors from Neely for their political donations. More to come on the list of donors!

    Bryan Jeffries to the rescue. Bryan is the best thing to happen to District 2. Please email the information you have that I can use to help defeat her. I will research all information. Even the Phoenix Board of Realtors endorsed another candidate. Neely is a Real Estate Broker and marketed herself as the only Candidate for Mayor who is a Real Estate Broker…and the Phoenix Board of Realtors endorsed Wes Gullett. Most in District 2 hate her. Her involvement in the City North debacle is enough reason to insure her defeat. In my opinion everywhere she goes she becomes disliked by the people she associates with. My name is Clif Freedman, President of Sonoran Citizens Improvement Association. Email me at or call me 623 444 9445.

  7. Tiny Elvis says

    He gives up his city pension — but keeps his union pension. One of the most lucrative pension programs in the state.

    Smart political move at this point in the campaign.

    • Tiny, there is “union pension” in Arizona. You must think this is the land of the Teamsters or something. There is a state retirement system for police,corrections workers, and firefighters. The average firefighter pensioner is paying $560 a month in health care premiums (that’s 6100+ a year out of the pension), because that is what there system charges. The average retiree is in their 60s and pulling in less than $47,000 (before deduction for health insurance) – and has NO SOCIAL SECURITY because they were not part of that system. Cops are about the same. Pretty good deal for the taxpayer. By comparison, military retirees pay only $460 a year for health insurance.
      The most lucrative pension in the state is the elected officials retirement. Go ask anyone else running for city council, or currently serving, if they are giving up their elected official pension then come back and tell us what you find.

  8. Truthbetold says

    Actually the elected official plan is much better than the public safety plan. A cop or firefighter has to risk his life every shift for 20 years to get 50% of his pay in pension. Elected official only needs to go 12 for 50% and 20 for 80%. I’m a conservative but am starting to believe Jeffries is a good and honorable man. Time will tell but he’s got my vote against career politician Waring, so far that is.

  9. PartyLine says

    Wow, that means that Waring will get a huge boost in his PENSION. Yeah, we elect Jim Waring so he gets MORE PENSION. He’s saying he wants to get the budget under control …. he can start by giving up the PENSION and benies.
    At least our city hall, unlike the state capital buildings, isn’t mortgaged to pay the bills. Isn’t that like a reverse mortgage – that’s it, let’s retire the legislature and free up the cities. Then we won’t have more drunks, wife & girl friend beaters and clean elections crack pots to deal with anymore!
    And what? Waring wants my vote? He comes from the looney tunes palace. Let’s see, he ran for state senator, then ran for state treasurer, ooops, stop that, John Shadegg retiring gotta run for Congress, ooops, that didn’t work out … now let’s run for city council …. what’s next? justice of the peace and marrying people? Maybe he should go get a real job like the rest of us and quick sucking off the taxpayer. I don’t care if this Jeffery guy is a firefighter, he’s giving up the benies and I’m impressed. I’m a convinced Tea Party person!

  10. I have know Bryan Jeffries for 27 years and he is one of the most honest, honorable people I know. Seeing him give up the perks of an elected official speaks volumes on his character. The question remains-do you want someone who is going to work for the people in district 2 or someone who is a career politician? In my opinion, Bryan is the only choice!

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