Phil Lovas Announces Run for State Representative

CONTACT: Phil Lovas

Peoria–Phil Lovas today announced that he will run for state representative in the new Legislative District 22, which covers parts of Peoria, Glendale, Sun City West, and Surprise.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery and Phoenix City Council member Sal DiCiccio have enthusiastically endorsed Lovas.

“Phil Lovas is a committed conservative, and we need more people with successful business experience in the Arizona legislature. Phil has common-sense solutions and will work to shrink the size of state government and remove unnecessary burdens to job creation. He knows and understands what kind of environment is needed to attract and create good jobs to our state,” said DiCiccio.

Montgomery agreed, “I have no doubt that Phil’s business experience and expertise, combined with his principled leadership, will promote economic growth in Arizona.”

Lovas, who works in the hospitality sector developing hotels throughout the western U.S., plans to focus on job creation: “It’s my goal to make Arizona the number one place in America to do business. We must continue to cut taxes, abolish unnecessary regulations, and make it easier for businesses to open and flourish.”

Lovas also plans to fight to make Arizona government more fiscally responsible. “As a representative, I won’t ask taxpayers to make sacrifices their government is unwilling to make. Tough spending cuts will be necessary in the years ahead, and if we’re going to ask the public to sacrifice, then elected officials must set the example. For this reason, as a member of the legislature, I will refuse to take a pension,” promised Lovas. ”By reducing spending, fighting against overreaching government intrusion in our lives, and preserving the conservative values that have made this country the greatest in the world, we can put Arizona on the road to economic success and ensure that our children have the same opportunities that we have had,” Lovas said.

Lovas and his wife Corinne live in Peoria with their three children.




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