Petition: Investigate Pro-Amnesty Paper Tied to Prostitution/Sex-Trafficking

Fellow Patriots,

You hopefully read the email I sent Thursday asking you to join our boycott of businesses which support the pro-amnesty, pro-illegal immigration Phoenix New Times. As a “free” publication, they are 100% funded by advertising revenue… which ultimately comes from businesses where WE spend our hard-earned money!

There is another reason why responsible businesses MUST pull their ads from the New Times:

According to reports in the Associated Press and many other news agencies and sites, for at least THREE YEARS and possibly longer, the Phoenix New Times and their parent company, Village Voice Media, have been complicit in something even worse… something even dirtier and darker than supporting illegal immigration and amnesty for criminal illegal aliens:



And who is paying to advertise alongside those who would exploit women and children in our society? Car dealers, movie theaters, retailers and restaurants that you and I go to!

Can you believe what arrogance and greed it must take for prosecutors to show the Phoenix New Times company evidence that 50 cases of sex trafficking from 22 states have originated on their pages…

…and they still refuse to stop running the ads promoting such terrible criminal behavior?

Is it any wonder they oppose Sheriff Joe Arpaio so much, when he’s not just America’s toughest lawman, but also one of the leading law enforcement agents in the nation in the fight against human trafficking!


Now, what happened when confronted by our proposed boycott of their advertisers? Last week, New Times editor-in-chief Rick Barrs went to our Ban Amnesty Now page on Facebook and called our 29,000+ Facebook members “racists”!

Did he express any concern about the hateful actions of his staff, or the remorse for the prostitution or sex-trafficking businesses run on their advertising pages? No. He ranted that we were racists.

Today, what we need most is YOU! Please join me today in signing this petition against the New Times Company:

Calling on law enforcement to investigate whether the New Times has knowingly profited from a criminal enterprise;

Calling on all responsible Arizona businesses to cancel their advertising in this ultra-liberal, pro-amnesty business with alleged ties to prostitution and worse; and

Pledging to boycott businesses who continue to advertise with the Phoenix New Times.

Fellow conservatives, we must stand up to pariahs in society like this… The media and blogosphere is coming around to see our side, and we need your support!

Writes Greg Patterson in The Espresso Pundit, “The [Ban Amnesty Now] boycott is unlikely to actually drive New Times out of business, but he will hurt them and he may even manage to tip the balance and finish them off.”


When you think about the New Times, never forget: according to prosecutors, for THREE YEARS, they knew their ad pages were being used by the worst sexual predators in society to sell women for sex…

…and not only did they do nothing, but they repeatedly refused to take down these ad pages because of the millions of dollars they were making!

Remember every crude, vicious attack the New Times has unleashed on conservatives like Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Senator Pearce, Governor Brewer and others. Remember the years they have spent ranting and raving against those who oppose amnesty and illegal immigration, and the campaigns of hate they wage even on citizens and groups who oppose them. Remember every vile word, every vicious hit piece, every slated attack…


…and now please join us in righting a wrong by signing this petition so that law enforcement acts quickly, and legitimate businesses stop sharing advertising space with the worst sex offenders plaguing our society!

For America,

Sean McCaffrey


  1. I hope this article won’t upset the McRINOs in the Party. Many of them are somewhat cozy with the sex trafficking PHX NewTimes. I heard that some of the Party McRINO elites invited NewTimes writers and cameras into their LD meetings. A pretty shameless cabal. Okay McRINOs, you can now deflect.

  2. RussellPearceWatch says

    Look up the work “buy-cott”. This is the kind of mistake someone makes when they are uneducated.
    “Buy-cott” means…start buying at the establishments that advertise. Dimwits…

  3. AmericaFirst says

    “A buycott is the opposite of a boycott; that is, an active campaign to buy the products or services of a particular company or country.”

  4. AllUsBadGuys says

    I totally agree Sean, but like you said, women aged 5-25 are being trafficked (average age in AZ is 13), broken-in for weeks, then sold for sex over 15 times every single day in Arizona for years now, without so much as a peep from you about it. I detest the NT more than anyone for enabling this, and I fully support the buycott, but put your money where your mouth is and learn about the problem, then engage on the multiple fronts needed. What are you planning to do for the broken women once the NT folds? These women need real men, not politico’s using their tragic plight to make headlines carry more weight.

  5. Mesa Constitutional Conservative says

    The New Times has long been completely undiscriminating with regard to who they sell advertising to. Hopefully this snaps them out of it. It will be interesting to see if they can survive without strip club ads, etc.

    Of course, though, let’s admit that the real reason Pearce is attacking them isn’t his deep and abiding concern for women…it’s the fact that the NT constantly destroys him in their pages. Like when they caught him lying about being cleared and apologized to for being fired from the MVD for fraud. Mary Peters came out on the record AGAIN against Russell Pearce, and like and despot, he wants to silence media critical of him.

    • Destroys him to who? The scum of the earth? The NT solely exists for the “subculture”, always has, always will. When the NT “destroys” Russell Pearce, it doesn’t mean jack. The same people in periodical orgasm from the tripe splashed across NT pages are the same people who would hate Pearce anyway.

      • Mesa Constitutional Conservative says

        Yeah, ignore the New Times. I agree that they’re prone to relentless attacks on anyone in power.

        Just focus on Mary Peters’ words, which are from Mary Peters, head of the Dept of Transportation under George Bush, and who ran ADOT in Arizona when she fired Russell Pearce. Her words are true, regardless of where they were printed. Here it is again, below:

        When Pearce’s former assistant director claimed Pearce and his employees had been cleared, Peters shot back in the press: “There’s a big difference between being cleared and choosing not to file criminal charges.”

        She denied ever apologizing to Pearce over his firing.

        “I’ve talked with Russell, and I would say we’ve agreed to put the past in the past,” she told me. “But I didn’t apologize to him. That’s just not an accurate statement.”

        Peters confirmed that she axed Pearce because of the scandal involving the Tucson woman’s DUI conviction and the license-record change.

        She said firing Pearce had nothing to do with the switch in administrations from Symington to Hull, both of whom are Republicans.

        “I was deputy [ADOT director] when Fife stepped down, then Jane appointed me to be director,” Peters said, noting that Symington had approved her appointment as deputy director.

  6. What a load of bilge. Boycott, really? How liberal of you? Don’t like NT? Don’t read it (but you should, you might learn something).

    Yeah, so conservative and capitalist of you to want to hurt the businesses that advertise in NT because a nutcase like Pearce is still butthurt from getting his ass kicked out of power.


  7. It looks like Goldman Sachs has also jumped on board of disassociating with PHX NewTimes and their parent company Village Voice Media.

  8. Prostitution is quite rampant in maricopa county. Almost every massage parlor offers sexual favors for a price, Bill Montgomery knows this, but doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to enforce the law. Tom Horne knows this, and is also lacking in the guts department. Joe Arpaio knows this as well, and doesn’t want to touch anything. Why are republican politicians who have law enforcement capabilities not working on eradicating prostitution, and targeting the new times? Are they being paid off by the massage parlors? Are they looking for an excuse to target the new times, which seems to go after corrupt politicians? Seems to me that they are. It’s easy to not become a media target –keep your nose clean, and don’t do anything that would even suggest impropriety.

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