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If you are not using Microsoft Office 2007 I have one word of advice – DON’T

I am (used to be) a big fan of Microsoft. I remember the days of Windows 2.0 and 3.1. My first application program was Microsoft Excel 2.0. It included a runtime version of Windows if you were still on a DOS machine. The software came in a suitcase sized box and included instruction manuals. What I liked (past tense) about the programs is each upgrade of Excel and later Office took just a few minutes of transition time. No more. Word is a mess. Try finding the Edit, Find option.

If you must upgrade research your options. You might find another word processor that does everything you need for less money. It certainly will not take you any less time to learn a new program since Microsoft Word and Office have been so drastically altered.

You have been warned.

(This post was written in Adobe Dreamwaever.)


  1. Antifederalist says

    Are you an older Luddite who refuses to keep up with technology? If you are, that’s OK. I’m starting to see it creep into my life in the sense that I have yet to bother to learn all my phone’s bells and whistles. Until recently, I had no idea what BlueTooth was, and I’m currently adamantly opposed to changing formats to BluRay. It’s akin, I’m certain, to clinging to 8-track tapes, or cassette tapes, or VHS.

    The “Find” function is Control + F if I understand you correctly. That’s pretty standard for MS Office. Sounds like you’re menu driven. There’s probably a key control for every menu instruction you want to issue. I’m still a solid MS fan, a PC fan, a Mac hater (Macs are the devil and I refuse to buy an iPod or an iPhone!), and a console hater. šŸ˜‰

  2. I’m 100% with you. I am both a PC user and a Mac user. The new version for PC is horrendous and I am a very tech savvy person. I also find it funny that the new version of Office for Mac has the same bells and whistles the new PC version does, but they don’t dramatically alter the layout. You do have the option to do it that way but they don’t force a total redesign on you. Add that to one more reason I love my Mac.

  3. Anti,

    Thanks for the tip about Ctrl F. I guess I never really used it much before since it was right there under the Edit menu. I do still use Ctrl X, C, and V all the time.

    I am not sure I qualify as a Luddite. I write my own web sites and just added a Flash slide show to one of them. Speaking of Flash I think Adobe is on the way up and Microsoft is on the way down. Maybe Adobe should buy Corel and give Microsoft a run for their money.

  4. yeah, I bought a mac and I am not an apple lover, but I don’t think I will buy a ms product anymore

  5. Bill Gates says


    If I gave you guys a coupon for a Happy Meal, would you reconsider? Awwwww…c’mon! What’s not to like? Cheerful colors, nifty animations….I even threw in a pastel “screen of death” instead of the blue one.

    Pretty Please?

  6. What about the newer free software downloads like openoffice?

    Not a luddite, but not an egghead either.

  7. FreeAdvice says

    I love Macs, hate iPods, and think MS is like a, well, I use a Mac so what do I know.


    I switched to Open Office a couple of years ago … it keeps getting better every upgrade.

    And the best thing … it’s FREE … my favorite price šŸ™‚

  9. Thanks Tod!

  10. OpenOffice is pretty good. But if you need clean documents from Office users, it can be a pain, which is why I gave up on it and stick to Mac Office.

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