People in Glass Blogs.


     Ted Prezelski is running for the state legislature from district 28 (His brother already serves from district 29.) Ted also runs the blog of record for Southern Arizona politics: Rum, Romanism and Rebellion

     On May 27th Ted wrote a story insinuating that Attorney General candidate Bill Montgomery was having trouble collecting his $5 clean election forms. (Bill’s forms were approved June 23rd, only 3 weeks after the incumbent.) As of the morning of August 9th, 2006 Ted has not been approved for his funding, the only candidate in 28 to not yet have received his money. Ted, maybe you could send an e-mail to Montgomery and ask him how he collected over 2,600 donations by June and you can’t even get 210 by August. (In all fairness, Ted may have joined Goldwater this week in Phoenix and filed. I am not on Ted’s campaign e-mail update list so I am not sure.) 

     BTW What is going on in district 29? Not one single candidate has been approved for clean elections, even the incumbent, Tom Prezelski. They make Don look organized. 

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