Pelosi’s Persuasive Plattitudes

With leadership like Nancy Pelosi, who needs supporters?


  1. The entire Arizona delegation voted against the bailout. I guess John McCain can’t even lead his own state, how can he ask to be President?

  2. And yeah, go ahead with the narrative that Mean Ol’ Nancy made all the Republicans feel sad.

    I remember when Gingrich tried that back in the ’90s – it worked really well.

  3. Let me say this, is there much that Nancy said that was not true? Haven’t most GOPer advocated the removal of the federal bureaucracy and regulatory protections?


    Don’t most here advocate a free market approach to the economy?


    And now what about the fact that your party had control of virtually all of government for 8 years and what we have now…

    Can the blame for the last 8 years be placed on the GOP?




    And you all know it too…that is why McCain, Bee, and most GOPers are running on “bipartisanship, “TRUE” conservative values, anti-corruption, and change”.

    Nice try…you can’t win by ignoring President Bush and the last 8 years.

  4. And watch the GOP run like scalded cats from this narrative – Shadegg, Bachmann, everyone.

    But, you know, if you could maybe convince them to keep trying, at least until, say November 5th, I’d appreciate it!

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