Pelosi in the valley this Saturday


Madam Speaker will be in the Valley of the Sun on Saturday, March 29th. She will be appearing at a private residence as a fundraiser for “moderate” Representative Giffords. We understanding tickets are selling fast.


  1. George of the Desert says

    How convenient to have it in Phoenix instead of Tucson.

  2. The event is in Phoenix primarily due to Pelosi’s calendar and other commitments.

  3. The event is in Phoenix because they didn’t want to upstage the stench of the Roger Road sewage treatment plant.

  4. Kralmajales says

    Its in Phx because it is yet another place where she will grab an enormous amount of money for her race this fall.

    I am betting Bee falls even further behind in fundraising.

  5. Just stay tuned says

    Giffords is a puppet Pelosi and Grijalva pull the strings…

  6. How come when Republicans make a big haul the Dems engage in class baiting yet the Dems proudly tout their “fundraising prowess”? It’s funny that folks are gladly shelling out $500 a pop to Gabbilosi for the privilege of paying more taxes. Wait untill her Union bosses start calling this group of favors in.

  7. kralmajales says

    Bob, I think the reason we don’t make a big hubbub about it when Democrats do it because the fact that Demos are destroying the GOP at the game they are best at is quite relevant. That are doing it with larger numbers of small donors, wide movements, and more importantly, larger donors too.

    Democrats are beating the GOP in territory where they have rarely if ever…fundraising. The are grabbing larger donors and are appealing to business.

    It spells doom for the GOP.

    It is ironic.

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