Peggy Neely: Look for the Union Label

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, July 6, 2011
CONTACT: Paul Bentz

Union ties to Stanton, Mattox, and Gullett put special interests before taxpayers.

PHOENIX – Tax increases. Pay raises. Boycotts. The taxpayers of Phoenix are under fire from organized labor union bosses. From the food tax increase to the boycott of the Major League Baseball All-star Game, union leaders have been hurting Phoenix while looking out for their own self interests. In this watershed race for Phoenix Mayor, voters have a choice between a candidate who will serve the taxpayers and those who will serve the special interests.

The Neely for Mayor Campaign launched a new video today titled, “Look for the Union Label.”

“We are at a crossroads. Voters can choose between someone who will represent their interests and someone who will serve the system,” said Peggy Neely, “Phoenix has a long track record of hiring skilled staff and offering quality services to the taxpayers. We have come to expect great things from the City of Phoenix and earned a respectable reputation. However, when the taxpayers start seeing actions such as cutting services while granting pay raises, it is clear that the system is serving itself. We need to make sure that union interests are not being put ahead of public services.”

Greg Stanton

  • Opposes SB1070
  • Endorsed by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union – who helped lead the Arizona boycott
  • Endorsed by Maricopa Area Labor Federation – Affiliated with AFL-CIO which condemned SB1070
  • Would have voted for pay increases (Arizona Republic, June 8, 2011)

Claude Mattox

  • Supported by the largest public employee union in the City of Phoenix
  • Voted for the food tax increase
  • Supported this year’s budget and pay increases (Arizona Republic, June 8, 2011)

Lobbyist Wes Gullett

  • Worked for Service Employees International Union (SEIU) to organize medical workers to unionize at Maricopa County Hospital
  • SEIU helped lead the Arizona Boycott
  • SEIU lead the effort to move Major League Baseball All-Star Game



  1. Looks like someone has been paying attention to my strategy and messaging!

  2. Oberserve says

    What do you do when all candidates, incl. Peggy Neely, support City North, the socialist Mecca, sitting empty?

  3. soccerlisawoods says

    But she supported Reza’s Migrant Worker Center? Now you want to be the tough guy?

  4. Norm Wood says

    Is this a joke? She asked these same unions to endorse her! They told her NO. Now she’s blasting them? Be a different story if they had said yes.

    Only thing funnier is how Skip Rimsza is now pimping Sal DiCiccio’s message! AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

  5. It is time for a full court press against Neely. She is the worst choice for mayor of Phoenix. The problem is that any of the other candidates are far better than Neely. I am partial to Wes Gullet because I think he is brilliant. I am compiling information from the public that can assist in this matter against Neely. Knowing that Neely almost destroyed North Phoenix but fortunately resigned from the City Council just in time is my motivation to keep her from becoming Mayor. Bryan Jeffries to the rescue. Bryan is the best thing to happen to District 2. Please email the information you have that I can use to help defeat her. I will research all information. Even the Phoenix Board of Realtors endorsed another candidate. Neely is a Real Estate Broker and marketed herself as the only Candidate for Mayor who is a Real Estate Broker…and the Phoenix Board of Realtors endorsed Gullett. Most in District 2 hates her. In my opinion everywhere she goes she becomes disliked by the people she associates with……my name is Clif Freedman, President of Sonoran Citizens Improvement Association. Email me at

    • Oberserve says

      Sorry, but Wes “McCain” Gullett? NO THANKS. (Also not P Neely, thx but no thx on that one too)

  6. Didnt Neely get accused of working with the developers of City North to freeze out other development in the area? I guess that $100 million judgement against City North was just a joke. Neely never did explain her actions there, except for throwing her staff under the bus.
    Mattox is not a tool of the Fire Fighters Union, and he never went to Rocky Point, Hermosillo or Costa Rica with the Fire Fighter Union leaders those 6 or 7 times either. And there was no drinking and cavorting and absolutley no pictures of it.

  7. From the ACTUAL city of Phoenix – drive around a little bit. Sure you see the big signs everywhere. Who’s got lawn signs in front of people’s houses? Stanton.

    I think people mistake Phoenix as some sort of hotbed of conservative action, and to prove that they’ll look to Maricopa County’s voting history and the fact that Ben Qualye and Schweikert technically represent the city in Congress.

    Both of these suppositions fail the smell test. Phoenix, while the largest city in Maricopa County, gets its moderate/left votes cancelled out by the more conservative Mesa and Scottsdale. Quayle and Schweikert represent tiny cuts of Phoenix that are more demographically related to their larger swaths of Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, and Mesa.

    In Phoenix proper, who votes? Who lives in the actual city? Supporting the UFCW and opposing SB1070? Maybe those are net negatives in Oro Valley, Black Canyon City, and Heber, but in Phoenix, those are winning propositions.

    The race is between Stanton and Wes Gullet – Jennifer White being the spoiler. The rest of them, no chance.

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