Pearce Waiting List

Word from the Russell Pearce campaign is that demand has exceeded supply. With over 750 campaign yard signs out, Pearce’s campaign has run out. Meanwhile emails and phone calls continue to flood in requesting a campaign sign. Indications are that the recent hit pieces on the Pearce family is backfiring and the attack on one if its most respected members is seen as an attack on the entire community. To be placed on the waiting list for a Russell Pearce yard sign, click here.


  1. If Pearce wins in 18, Melvin wins in 26, and the Tax Increase Measure for Everyone (TIME)measure fails to make the ballot, will the countryclubers finally get the message that they don’t own the people of Arizona, and knock-off he arrogant and despicable attempts to run roughshod over the people of Arizona?

  2. GlendaleGOP says

    No, they won’t.

  3. GlendaleGOP says

    I’m sorry I can’t get on Pearce’s list! But I’m too far away for a yard sign in my yard to help him…

  4. Glendale GOP,

    A yard sign may not help, but volunteering to make personal calls or walk a part of a recinct for him might.

    In addition, there are two other races nearer to you where you might make a difference. Harper and Seel can both use your help and they are being targeted by the same people who brought this type of reprehensible campaign to Arizona in the Pearce campaign.

    Note that all of the opponents here are political neophytes who have never contributed one minute of time or one thin dime to their legislative district organization prior to being picked to run against conservative candidates who oppose illegal workers in our society. Bouie, Gibbons and Zerbe are all cut from the same cloth.

  5. DeSimone yard signs have also been a real hit. No pun intended.

  6. Undecided voter says

    Will the new signs have swastikas or burning crosses on them?

  7. Glendale GOP,
    I didn’t know they permitted yard signs in Glendale there are mostly apartments in those neighborhoods.
    D Niles,
    See if you can get one of each from e-bay. A well preserved pair could fetch a good buck from the Smithsonian some day, or from a Stage Contractor in Hollywood for the opening of the next sit-com “Who’s got the endorsement of the better wife beater”.

  8. kralmajales says


    I suspect that if all that happens, you will likely see the following:

    The so called “countryclubbers” will back reasonable Democrats instead.

    The money that has helped win you elections will dry up.

    The relatively tiny number of voters that got them through will not be enough to win elections in many other places.

    In short, I can say this, if Melvin wins, you will will lose the seat.

  9. Richard Wayne says


    If Hershberger wins the Primary, Repblicans will automatically lose the seat. The worst RINO who spends all his time on the ninth floor is no better than a D who spends all their time on the ninth floor.

  10. Hello from the richest zip code in Arizona, Horst. I am happy to report that we have both money and class in our community. In addition, we don’t have to live under the thumb of Phunky Phoenix Phil.

    Have you been annexed yet? I wonder how they will zone you – environmental hazard dump site? Seems appropriate with the stuff emanating from there.

  11. GlendaleGOP says

    Horst, why do you follow me from thread to thread just to be rude? There are some beautiful parts to Glendale and I have no idea why you seek to be so ugly all of the time? It is rare that one has to tell someone as so very old as you to “Grow Up!” but you certainly do need to hear it.

  12. kralmajales says

    Dear Richard,

    The one thing you are forgetting about is that a picked up seat gives the Democratic caucus in a closer margin. IF they win enough seat to take a majority (you do it one seat at a time) you will beg to have Hershberger there. This means that the Dems get to organize the committees, make the rules, and basically run the show in the Senate.

    Even a “pick up” here or there makes the overall balance on committees a bit tougher.

    So I stand by what I say, and I add that THIS potential reality is why your party would be more than stupid to pick Melvin and risk losing the seat.

    I certainly would like to see it, but I like Hershberger far too much not to vote for him as an independent. For me its principal and not strategy.

    I am betting there a host of GOP minded folks in this district that agree with me on Melvin’s chances versus those of Hershberer…and also know I am right about what it would mean about the balance of power.

  13. Richard Wayne says


    I never forget the importance of organizing the legislature. There comes a time, however, when it is better to spend one term in the minority if it brings you to a point where your have mutual loyalty from members of the caucus. At least you can lay the blame for the poor policies on the opposing party without apologies.

    The last years, we have lost the daily policy votes due to Hershberger, Burns, O’Halleran, Allen, etc coordinating daily with the D’s, while being held accountable for the outcome. That is the worst of all worlds from my perspective.

  14. kralmajales says

    Arent you going to add Bee to that list? I have to keep harping on it because so many here attack and attack Hersherger for for joining with the caucus, but tend to ignore Tim Bee supporting the Govs. budget, working against your own caucus, and the flip flopping back and forth on Same Sex marriage.

    Last, he won’t even say he is a Republican in his ads!!!!!!

  15. It is a joy to watch GOPers try to outgun each other….

  16. Kralmajes,

    Sorry, but you’re wrong on about everything.

    First, I’m from Tucson, and have a number of friends in the district. Wonder we’re you’re from?

    I can remember when the district was District 12, and represented by Tom Goodwin (ring a bell)?

    Second, the country-clubbers do tend to back liberal Democrats, so what else is new?

    Third, the country-clubbers no longer have financial control over the candidates, thanks to clean elections process.

    Finally, I suspect that Melvin will win the district this year, which isn’t quite as bad for Republican candidates as 2006 was.

  17. Whatever Jim Click wants, Jim Click gets…

  18. kralmajales says

    Still not a word about Bee…I think I am right about that for sure. And remember that Pullen is working for him too, which one poster here reminded us.

  19. JC,

    Have you checked on the status of the TIME measure?

    Do you know who one of the major backers of it is?



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