Pearce may/may not support initiative.

Jim Nintzel of the Tucson Weekly is reporting that Representative Russell Pearce will hold tight with his allies Don Goldwater and Chris Simcox but Wake up Arizona has an exclusive that Pearce will go with the legislative process. We will be following the story to see how it develops.

One has to wonder does Pearce side with activists Goldwater and Simcox or with the Speaker of the Arizona House and the Chairman of the State GOP?


  1. Where's The Fence? says

    I disagree with the question. Pearce will side with doing the right thing for the people and the issue. If he thinks that HB2779 is strong enough and he doesn’t think that the legislature will weaken it, then he’ll move on to the next battle rather than waste resources fighting a battle he’s already won. If he doesn’t think that HB2779 is good or that the legislature can be trusted, then he’ll urge folks to proceed with the initiative.

    Pearce is a great guy and someone I trust. If he says that HB2779 will do the job, then that’s good enough for me. Now, can we please build the fence?

  2. Prop 200 volunteer says

    The real problem is some people in this ongoing process are out there in public and in the media telling only half the story and creating division within the Party. It is especially problematic when those who acquired their political position of power by leading efforts to fight the illegal immigration issue now seem to have sold out to the very establishment that tried to marginalize the issue.

    What a disappointment

  3. w phx activist says

    I’m glad that Wake Up Arizona did not say reliable or informed sources. Many sources, some of whom work on 24th Street (I can’t remember if that is north or south of Osborn, the sounds seem similar on both sides of that intersection sometimes.), have been saying what Russell Pearce will do for many weeks now.

    Some of those same sources said that a proposed Resolution had the support of at least eighteen members of the EGC.

    Some of those same sources say the Initiative will not likely make the ballot.

    Some of those sources thought their Initiative a few years ago would make the ballot when they had approx. one quarter of the signatures that LAW currently has at the same time period.

    Many people think those sources have a vested personal and political interest in what they are saying.

    In fact, many people think those sources have joined the Kyl “You can count on me to stay steady on an issue” inner circle.

    Many people also think that those sources should do the job they were elected to do.

    As to the fence, many people and some sources agree that the federal government should build the fence, which is not a part of 2779 or LAW.

  4. Where's The Fence? says

    Okay, I’ll admit being a bit new to the vocabulary here, but I keep reading w phx activist refering to the north side of Osborn and the south side of Osborn. Are these supposed to represent factions? He says it here, then he does it again on the next article. What does it mean?

  5. fifthavenue says

    It means , that is the location of the state headquarters of the Republican party.
    It is located near Osborn on 24th Street in Phoenix.
    Hope that helps…

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