Pearce Fires at Gibbons over Sanctions Opponents

Here is the latest press release / war of words issued by the Russell Pearce campaign asserting that Kevin Gibbons is funded by those who oppose employer sanctions.


  1. Conservative to the core says

    Carl Seel and Sam Crump are facing a candidate that now being funded by the same people. The Open border crowd are after the conservatives this time. Seeing red has the fundraiser invite under Tony Bouie and his friends.

  2. Bob,

    Good in making the link clear.

  3. Big Sister says

    Maybe these folks see the forest and not just the trees. Maybe they see their candidate as a better representative to attack ALL the issues. Maybe they are sick and tired of seeing a certain few players in the state/county strut and preen like peacocks at the zoo. Only to fight among themselves should one misstep and steal some of the limelight from another.

    What the heck is “masquerading” as a Republican? So, just what disqualifies you as a real Republican and nothing more than a fraud? Is it immigration only or low taxes or family values or what? That is one slippery slope and before Mr. Pearce steps out any further on the ledge he may just want to make sure he is as lily white as he would like us all to think he is. No one is above reproach; life and politics has a way of proving this over and over. What is that old saying about pride?

    This habit of castigating individuals when they do not fit the specific mold some feel is essential has brought our Party to such weakness and will not ever do more than that. It may make some feel strong but it is an egocentric delusion.

  4. When you add this, plus Jim Pederson, plus the liquor donations, it adds up to a man who is willing to take money from just about anyone and is not looking out for the state’s best interests.

    Its not fitting a specific mold, its about having any values whatsoever.

  5. Big sister- if you do your research, Russell is much more than just immigration. That’s the problem here with Gibbons, He has bought into that same argument and is the only thing he’s going after, the fact that he’s not Russell Pearce. Russell does much more for the party, our state and valley. Unfortunately, the immigration stuff is the only thing that makes the headlines.

  6. I find it rather hypocritical that the Pearce campaign is launching attacks about the funding mechanism for Gibbon’s campaign when Russell Pearce is taking taxpayer money to run his. How can you be a fiscal conservative and a defender of the constitution when you are taking money from the people to further your own political agenda?!?! And to top it off…Pearce is using a campaign consultant who promotes establishing a property tax in Mesa!!!!!! I thought Russell was against increasing taxes. If Russell Pearce believes Gibbons should give back all of the money he has highlighted, Russell Pearce should fire his consultant.

  7. Well Dulce (candy in Spanish) – If Russell should have to give all his money back, then shouldn’t Gibbons give all his money back? Gibbons is getting his money from the cheap labor people, Democrats, ACORN and anybody else that is open border.

  8. Thank you Mesan. That’s exactly my point. Russell Pearce wants to rail on Kevin Gibbons for his contributors but wants to keep taxpayer money. If Russell was as great and principled as you think he is…he would set an example for Mr. Gibbons.

    And by the way, I know what my name means…I suppose you want to kick me out of the country for having a spanish name!?

  9. Bob Yokum says

    Pearce is just saying that those people arent the “right” kind of Republicans, meaning – mexican fearing, anti capitalist, anti business, knuckle draggers like him. He gets to decide who is a legit R and who are the posers. Maybe Pearce should read the Republican platform.
    To be consistent he should also demand that Sheriff Joe stop all cars on any road and check for proof that federal taxes are paid and the occupants dont own any illegal automatic weapons. Why not enforce all the federal laws if the local sheriff is going to enforce one? What part of illegal dont they understand?

  10. Ur so Crazy says

    Pearce has to use Clen Elections money if he has any chance of keeping up with the left wing cash flowing into Gibbons campaign. District 18 is not an affluent dstrict – and hold precious little big money donors. Besides, the best way to get rid of a bad law is to use it.

  11. Common sense says

    All of you who support Pearce…are you happy about a legislator who keeps trying to take away the direct election of US senators in the state of Arizona? Are you happy NOT being able to vote for your US senator? Take a look at SCM 1002 in the 48th legislature. Take a look at HCR 2061 in the 47th legislature. Pearce thinks that HE can choose YOUR senator better than you can. Pure unadulterated demagoguery…retire him. We put in term limits for a reason. Russell Pearce needs to go away. He is a bully. He is self-serving. No more.

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