Paul Gosar for Congress Releases New TV Ad “Effective”

Paul Gosar is an effective leader for Arizona.

Paul Gosar was elected to Congress to change Washington. He opposed new taxes, voted to repeal Obamacare, and push through the largest spending cuts since World War II. That’s why he’s been endorsed by Gov. Brewer and the NRA.

is opponent Ron Gould used taxpayer money to fund his campaign was fined by the clean elections commission for not reporting expenditures. Paul Gosar the conservative we can trust.


  1. I did have respect for Gosar, but no longer.

  2. Congressman tells Conservative Activists that fighting for the Constitution is a losing battle.

    On the Resulation Mining Company and 3700 jobs: where is the claim Goasr and other Reps were making that the mine would bring 1 (one) billion dollars to Arizona every year for the 61 (sixty one) year life of the the mine set for production in 10 (ten) years?

    Why is a foreign mining company being favored over a local Arizona based international company? Wouldn’t more MONEY stay in Arizona with a home grown company on home turf?

    Why couldn’t Arizona State set up a government deal like the Salt River Project to take advantage of one of the 5 C’s that made this state: Copper, Cattle, Cotton, Citrus and Climate? In the SRP link towards the bottom it gives a brief history of Phelps Dodge role with SRP’s early growth.


    but it was right after the House and Senate approved the land swap with Resolution Copper Company aka Rio Tinto/BHP, that Rio Tinto was taken to court: In Rio Tinto, 9th Circuit judges debate Morrison’s ATS impact for human rights violations. And everyone of our RINO U.S. Representatives voted in favor of the land swap, 11 years in the making: not one raised the issue of human rights violations, wonder why, no court decision as of yet – the reason for the push – water under the bridge………. anybody have any burlap sacks, how about a blanket party?

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