Paul Boyer Runs For Open House Seat In LD10 (Glendale) – Earns Key Endorsements

(Glendale, AZ) – Former House Majority staffer Paul Boyer is running for the open House in Legislative District 10 (Glendale/North Phoenix), the new district 20.

“Paul has been a tremendous asset to the House of Representatives,” Representative Kimberly Yee said. “I know he’s wanted to run for the state legislature for several years but he had the conviction of first ensuring he had solid experience behind him in addition to having an open seat to run for. So I’m thankful one has finally opened up and I look forward to working with him now as a Member.”

Boyer has received key endorsements from Congressman Trent Franks, Corporation Commissioners Bob Stump and Brenda Burns, Phoenix City Councilman Jim Waring, State Representatives Kimberly Yee (District 10), Debbie Lesko (District 9), Speaker Pro Tem Steve Montenegro (District 12),
Majority Leader Steve Court (District 18),
Representative Rick Gray (District 9),
 J.D. Mesnard (District 21), John Kavanagh (District 8), Justin Olson (District 19), Amanda Reeve (District 6), David Stevens (District 25),
David Gowan (District 30), Heather Carter (District 7), Karen Fann (District 1), Doris Goodale (District 3), Chester Crandell (District 5), Brenda Barton (District 5) and Tom Forese (District 21), Senators John McComish (District 20), Rick Murphy (District 9), and Michele Reagan (District 8).

“I’m honored to receive the overwhelming support of Representative Yee and so many within the Capitol community,” Boyer said. “I had the pleasure of working with Representative Yee during these last two years and with her help, I will continue her great work of promoting economic development through free enterprise and protecting life.”

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About Paul Boyer
Paul spent three years as legislative liaison with the Arizona Department of Corrections before becoming a policy advisor and communications specialist for Republicans in the State House of Representatives.

Paul is anArizonanative who grew up in theWestValley, attendedDeerValleyhigh school, and graduated Magna Cum Laude from ASU West with a Bachelors in English and a Masters in Communication Studies. He is now working on a Masters of Philosophy at ASU with the end goal of a PhD in Analytic Philosophy. Paul is currently Supervisor of District Communications for Mesa Public Schools.

He is also a proud recipient of an Arizona Capitol Times’ Best of the Capitol award for 2011.


  1. Leonard Durr says

    Best of Luck with your run. On to a well deserved win!

  2. Boyer will be a great asset to the Lesgislature. He’s measured in his thinking and actions; a solid conservative, and he has a great knowledge of the process.

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