Paton Packs The House

2nd Lieutenant and State Representative, Jonathan Paton

Second Lt. Jonathon Paton is definitely not General George S. Patton on the battlefield but he certainly knows how to command an audience.

Tuesday night many of Paton’s associates, supporters and closest friends joined him for a very warm reception hosted by Stan Barne’s Copper State Consulting in central Phoenix. It was a well deserved reception for Lieutenant Paton who returned home last week from a six month tour in Iraq. Those attending read like a who’s who in current elected officials including Speaker of the House Jim Weiers, Senators Linda Gray, Pamela Gorman, Jim Waring, Representatives Kirk Adams, Nancy Barto, Olivia Cajero Bedford, Marian McClure, Andy Tobin, Lucy Mason, Jennifer Burns, Nancy McLain, John McComish, Eddie Farnsworth and Arizona Corporation Commissioners, Gary Pierce and Jeff Hatch-Miller. I’m sure I missed several as the crowd flowed more than ebbed.

I was fortunate enough to steal a few minutes of Jonathan’s time as I congratulated him on winning reelection and most important, returning home safe and sound. He looked well and certainly a few pounds lighter but tougher.

Anyone who attended the event walked away proud of this soldier and with a stronger sense of comittment to winning this war and leaving the Iraqi people in control of their own destiny despite all the negative news.

Congratulations and blessed homecoming to our soldier-legislator, 2nd Lieutenant, Jonathan Paton. You make us proud.



  1. Bring back the old GOP says

    Too bad Payton hooked his caboose to John McCain. Paton’s announcement in the AZ Daily Star upon his return that he is endorsing and supporting John McCain for President pretty much negated his chances for running for Congress in ’08 and may place his re-election in the legislature at risk.

    For a now “seasoned” politician to make such a rookie move is surprising to say the least.

    While some Republican voters may look past his support for McCain, the conservative Republican primary voters that will determine if he faces Giffords next year will probably not give him a free pass.

    Mr. Paton faced a surprising challenge from a Democrat opponent in a legislative district that is solidly Republican. Expanding that out into CD 8, where there are almost an equal amount of Democrats, Republicans and Independents would probably mean he would need every Republican on board for him to win.

    We saw what happened to Mr. Graf when he didn’t have every Republican on board (Almost 25% voted for Giffords or just didn’t vote altogether). To endorse John McCain will piss-off at least 30% of the base, and if McCain keep on bashing the Administration (not good if you want GOP donors), supporting the junk science of the global warming extremists (not good for businesses donors), fighting the Pro-Life lobby and staying on his insane path of undermining the 1st Amendment in the name of campaign finance reform (there goes the grass roots), it will probably be closer to 50% by the time McCain folds his tent.

    I can’t see how Paton will benefit from this.

    I realize Mr. Paton has been out of the country and may not have been keeping up with the news, but he should have just kept his mouth shut this early in the game. Paton knew before he left for Iraq that McCain’s views on illegal immigration, giving POW status to terrorists and his disastrous campaign finance reform effort had alienated many conservative Republicans.

    Ultimately it won’t be the record of Payton in the legislature, or his service to his country in Iraq that matters. By endorsing McCain, Paton in essence endorses all McCain stands for and that will ultimately be his undoing.

  2. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Paton is too green for Congress and I can’t imagine he is even planning on running. For now the field may be clear for Tim Bee unless he decides not to run. Paton is a decent legislator but he is still very establishment. That means he’ll never be a great legislator, but he’ll never want for campaign contributions.

    For now the story is about his service, so we’ll thank him for that.

  3. Bring back the old GOP says

    Dear Mr. Sonoran Truth Squad:

    I agree, but one must not forget he is only one of 1.1 million U.S. men and women who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not to mention the other 26 million vets in this country, many of whom have borne a huge burden and life long scars from their tours in battle.

    One must keep in perspective that Paton was a politician before he was a soldier in war. His service, as well as the service of the others that have served this country is appreciated. But to give him rock star status simply because he spent a few months overseas can potentially backfire among a constituency of proud and humble fellow veterans that might see his volunteering for service as a political stunt.

    Paton should be proud of his service, and he should indeed remind everyone that he did serve his country with honor. However, if he continues to allow politically connected groups and individuals to throw welcome home parties for him, it will only validate the view of many that his volunteering was political.

    He should be humble and constantly remind those around him that many more did not come home and they should be the ones remembered.

    If his intentions were true, he should show it by asking everyone to donate money to the families of those wounded in this war and to the children of those who did not make it home rather than running around the state having the big wigs of the GOP throw parties for him.
    I still have high opinions of Mr. Paton, and hope he realizes that while his service is appreciated, it is neither above nor beneath the service of other veterans. All I’m saying is Mr. Paton had better be careful to not go overboard.

  4. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    I actually quite agree with you and I’m not sure what Mr. Paton has done that warrants his rock star treatment when compared with the others who served alongside him. I would even suggest that they made greater sacrifices to do so than he did. What I want to avoid is any sense that I am somehow ungrateful to Paton or any of the others. We can be sure that the lobbyists who are throwing him parties now haven’t thrown fundraising parties for any other returning vets, many of whom suffered injuries, etc. Their motives for throwing these parties is clearly neither charitible nor patriotic.

  5. Oro Valley Dad says

    Old GOP,

    Paton will not have trouble with any re-election in LD30. He is a good fit with the district that also regularly re-elects Marian McClure.

    I generally agree with your comments but I wanted to correct that one misperception.


    Bee would make and excellent CD 8 nominee for the Republicans but there is chatter about Christine Olson and Bruce Ash. The field may not be clear after all.

  6. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    I too think he’s a shoo-in for the House in LD30. Knocking him out of the top two is virtually impossible…

  7. MiamiScott says

    Oh c’mon, all of you. Why don’t you all let Jonathan get back to business. He went to Iraq and served in uniform under fire, so don’t denegrate his service (Mr. Sonoran Truth Squad–the suggestion that his service was somehow “second class” or second rate sounds more like Clarence Boykins). ANYONE in uniform who serves honorably deserves our praise. (Or are you suggesting that Jonathan’s service was less-than-honorable?) EVERY Iraq, Afghanistan, or other Global War on Terrorism veteran should get rock star status–at least for a while.

    Jonathan is young, but an experienced AZ politician. He’ll do just fine in whatever he decides to do.

    As for the McCain haters thinking that endorsing McCain will hurt Jonathan…well, that’s pretty ridiculous. Are the McCain haters really THAT shallow? People will ultimately vote or not vote for someone based on his or her own merits or failings. I believe Governor Schwarzenegger endorsed President Bush in 2004. I don’t remember W getting a huge bounce in California; conversely, I don’t think that endorsement came back to bite Arnold in 2006 in any serious way.

    Remember too, Tim Bee is term limited. Whether or not he tries for Congress, there will be a District 30 Senate seat. But if the Republicans want to continue destroying each other, then we’ll get a lot more Democrats like Gabby (and the rest of the substance/backbone-challenged Democratic Congressional Majority) (re-)elected…

  8. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Miami Scott uses an old political trick where he criticizes someone for saying something that they did not say. I never denegrated Paton’s service or suggested that it was second class.

    Shame on you MS for lying about my remarks. You’re a real bum and you have contributed nothing meaningful to this debate.

  9. MiamiScott says

    You wrote:
    “I actually quite agree with you and I’m not sure what Mr. Paton has done that warrants his rock star treatment when compared with the others who served alongside him. I would even suggest that they made greater sacrifices to do so than he did.”

    If the “old political trick” is to use your own words right back at you, then I am guilty. If you didn’t write that, then shame on the person using your blog name. If you were insinuating that Jonathan somehow served less-honorably than he did–which I very well believe you did, then shame on YOU STS. SHAME ON YOU!

    You have also engaged in what we conservatives always zing our liberal opponents for, degenrating into name calling when confronted with the truth. Nice try, but shame, shame.

  10. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Thanks Miami for making my point. My quote doesn’t insinuate that Paton served less honorably. The fact that you believe it did doesn’t make it so. Is Paton married? Does he have children? If so, how many? Does an unmarried man without children make less of a sacrifice than a man with a wife and 9 children? These are all valid questions and yet none of them knock the service of the man in the first instance. The man with the wife and 9 kids might be (probably should be) elevated over a man with neither, but it doesn’t take away from anyone.

    You can continue (and Lord knows you probably will) to try to twist my comments into something demeaning about Paton, but that spirit simply doesn’t exist in my comments.

    Can you tell us all what makes Paton’s service somehow more meaningful or significant than the men and women he served with? Will you, or any lobbyists be throwing parties and fundraisers for them upon their return? Answer yes to either of those questions and then there is a discussion to be had. Answer no to both of them and you’re agreeing with me.

    Lastly, it sounds like I should say I’m sorry to you for hurting your feelings by calling you a bum. I didn’t realize that qualified as “name calling” so I’ll be more careful in the future. Note that that doesn’t mean you aren’t a liar. You still said I said things that I never did say. We just won’t call you a bum anymore. Now if liar offends you, we’ll come up with something more PC, like un-truth teller or something significantly more sensitive.

    Still, its hard for you to argue that I denegrated into name calling “when confronted with the truth” since you’ve had two posts and haven’t told the truth yet.

  11. MiamiScott says

    Actually STS, you make an earlier point for me. When we spend all this time fighting with each other, the Gabby Giffords of the world and HER majority win…AGAIN!

    “Bum,” “liar,” “un-truth teller,” I’m sure your list goes on… I’ve re-looked at my first post and don’t see where I called anyone a name. I did ask if some folks were “shallow,” and I did sort of go after Clarence Boykins. (But I don’t think I’ll be voting for him or with him on many things.)

    My comment was, “EVERY Iraq, Afghanistan, or other Global War on Terrorism veteran should get rock star status–at least for a while.” All, not some. Not just the married guys. Not just the enlisted guys. Not just the infantry guys. You get the point.

    Look at the energy you and I have expended on this. I’m willing to bet that we probably share a common desire to bring Republicans back to the majority and end the in-fighting that could ruin our country by allowing Giffords, Hillary, Obama, and that whole crowd (of liberals), to pull the troops out of Iraq (and Lord knows what else) without a care about what happens afterward.

    I will say this. Since I apparently touched a nerve that brought out a very–I was going to say ugly, but that isn’t the right word…emotional…response from you, I will do what no liberal, nor many conservatives these days either, I regret to say, would do. I will tell you STS that I apologize.

    I was one of those who prayed every day for Jonathan’s safe return. He is a close friend. I have had friends killed and wounded over there, and it does touch a nerve with me when it APPEARS that people are viewing things like service to one’s country in a war zone as merely some sort of parlor game that allows other to cast dispersions upon that servce. I’m not saying YOU did that, I merely commented on the APPEARANCE.

    Again, you appear to be a very learned, caring individual. I’m sure if you took a step back you’d find we can be on the same team.

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