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Thursday, November 1, 2012



November 2012


            With the re-election of Barack Obama, the United States of America has gone Past the Tipping Point. With more than 50% of the American electorate voting for him in the 2012 Presidential election, the majority decided that they do indeed want “free” stuff from the federal government.

            Five days before the 2008 Presidential Election then-candidate Obama said he and his followers were five days away from “fundamentally changing America.” They were correct, but they missed it by four years. America has fundamentally changed. America has crossed its Rubicon. There is no more “American Exceptionalism.” America is no more a unique country. We can now take our place alongside the great former nations like Persia, Greece, Rome, and Great Britain, among others. The United States of America was great and different from every other country that has ever existed, but it will never again attain the greatness it once claimed; a greatness the whole world envied. America was great and envied, not because of any desire to dictate to other nations, but because it helped other nations become free of dictators. America was great and envied, not because we enslaved others, but because we were the bastion of freedom and liberty (even throwing off the slavery in our own land at the cost of the lives of over 600,000 white people).  Millions wanted to come here for freedom, liberty, and a chance to make of themselves something better than they had in their native lands. Yes, there still will be many who want to come to America, but they will not find the same opportunities those before them could expect. That is all gone.

            Following the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, Benjamin Franklin was asked by the wife of a local doctor, “Mr. Franklin, what kind of government have you given us?” Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.” The wise Franklin also warned us, “When the people find out that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” Now, 225 years later, Franklin has been proven to be prophetic.

            It’s the end because we are now a debtor nation, to the tune of sixteen trillion dollars and growing at a rate of over one trillion dollars per year. And we just re-elected the man who has no plan stop it.

            It’s the end because we now have more than 50% of the electorate demanding that the other 49% give them stuff. We now have more takers than wealth creators and they continue to vote themselve a lifestyle that they are unwilling to earn.

            Polling and research after the 2012 election showed that Obama won overwhelmingly among the following groups: Blacks, Latinos, single women/single moms, gays, lesbians, and young people. What do those groups have in common? They all have bought the tripe that they are victims, that the United States of America is “not fair.”

            Blacks still believe that “whitey” goes to bed at night thinking of ways to keep them “enslaved.” They don’t. Whites go to bed thinking of ways to provide for their families, see that their kids get a good education, and hope their favorite sports team wins the next game. I’m guessing blacks do the same.

            Latinos believe that non-Latinos hate them because the majority of Americans  (especially Republicans) want to stop illegal immigration. You’re not hated. The majority of Americans (especially Republicans) welcome all legal immigrants to our country.

Shouldn’t you?

            Single women/single moms want free contraception, free abortions, free childcare, free food—what they really want is “daddy” to take care of them. But you can’t be free from the consequences of the choices you make.

            Gays and lesbians claim they want to be treated like everyone else. But they demand respect and more than equal rights.

            Young people want pot legalized, their student loans dismissed, and a guaranteed job. Grow up.

            Democrats and the mainstream media have sold these folks a bill of goods for decades and now, in 2012, the sale is complete. The “victims” outnumber the “abusers.” The “victims” have their champion in one of their own in the person of Barack Hussein Obama, who has promised to redistribute the wealth of the nation; to take from the creators of wealth, because they “didn’t build that,” and give it to the takers, in the form of healthcare, welfare checks, free abortion, free contraception, free childcare, free food, free phones, free housing, and, as more than one Obama-ite calls it, “Obamamoney.”

            And it’s not just stuff they want; these “victims” want government protection: illegal aliens not being deported; voter fraud not being investigated; the New Black Panthers and union thugs not being prosecuted.

            In 2008 the American electorate didn’t really know Obama. But, after four years of his presidency, we have a good idea of who he really is and what he meant when he said he and his followers would “fundamentally change America.” And he was re-elected anyway. Do these people really think that the wealth creators (rich people, big and small business owners, investors) are now going to open up their pocketbooks and start hiring people because Obama has been re-elected? Most of them have been holding on to their money during Obama’s administration because they saw and they knew what he would do with it—confiscate it and give it to his friends and his fellow “victims.” Wealth creators are not going to invest (at least not in America—Asia and Africa, maybe, but not here); they are not going to hire more employees (just the opposite will happen—higher unemployment). The wealth creators will protect their assets, not expose them to an ever more intrusive and confiscatory federal government. Less investing, more unemployment—that’s what we will see during Obama’s second term.

            And what has Obama promised?—more of what he did in his first term: more regulations (driving even more business away), more federal spending in still another attempt to stimulate the economy (using borrowed money to do it, driving the national debt even higher, devaluing the dollar even more), higher taxes (the rich need to pay their “fair share;” just how much is that? The top 20% paying 86% of all the federal income taxes isn’t enough?); and more spending on so-called entitlements.

            The only stimulating Obama will do is inflation.

            A weakened dollar, a weakened economy; a weakened military; a weakened culture; a weakened nation: that is Obama’s legacy. Indeed, he truly has fundamentally changed America.

            We are Past the Tipping Point when the electorate votes themselves goodies from the treasury; once the goodies are given there is no taking them back. Benjamin Franklin was correct: it is the “end of the republic.”

            [Part Two of “Past the Tipping Point: Can the Republic Be Saved?”]


  1. Sounds like Tobin fits right in with the plan.

  2. Dead people, cartoon characters, illegal aliens, pets, non-citizens of any stripe, voters from other states, prison inmates & felons, and welfare recipients should not be allowed to vote, as they did so actively and especially in those “swing” states. Obamao played basketball on election day because he knew ACORN, SEIU and the New Black Panthers were out there taking care of business.

    It’s way past time for the Republican talking heads to stop blaming conservatives and focus instead on their own failure to address what the enemy camp is doing. When will a Republican governor stand up and say “I don’t care what the federal bureaucrats or the federal judiciary (judges for life) say, I am going to clean up the voter roles in my state, and I am going to protect the integrity of the ballots cast by my citizens, including military personnel on deployment.”

    10th Amendment, anyone?

    God bless America

  3. I’d really love to vote for a solid R candidate.

    But, keep up with the idiotic “all those who voted for Obama only wanted free stuff” and you ensure my and many other votes will not go to an R in 2014 and 2016.

    Seems like some serious short term memory issues here.

    Keep this going and it’ll be like 3 years of last years GOP primary.

  4. The only people who should be allowed to vote are US citizens who are property owners who can also pass a citizenship test (written and oral) in English. Any state that did this would lose representation in the House of Representatives (and lose electoral votes) in proportion to the number of people disenfranchised by this policy, but the state and local governments would likely stay in Republican hands.

    I know it will never happen, but it would probably solve a lot of problems with out of control government spending.

  5. Didn’t the giveaways start with Jeff Grosscost, the REPUBLICAN speaker of the AZ house, who gave away 200 million dollars so people could buy alternative fueled vehicles at 40 percent off, in 2000?

    Weren’t most of the people who received the giveaway well to do white Republicans?

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