Party Chairman Announces Resignation!

Waid.jpg After a difficult and divisive race for Party Chairman, with major challenges looming in 2008, an unpopular front-runner for his party’s nomination for President, and facing divisions within his party over employer sanctions and other issues, Arizona’s Democrat Party State Chairman, David Waid, has announced that he is stepping down effective August 10th.

Waid’s resignation is a major blow to a Democrat Party that has been bragging about their plans to take control of the State Legislature in 2008, not to mention pick up another Congressional seat, all while defending their 2006 gains. More distressing to movement liberals, it appears that the man they wanted to run their party is leaving so that he can make more money. Can you imagine how they must feel, knowing that a closeted capitalist has been running their party?

Republicans at the State Capitol allowed themselves a smile at the news, particularly in light of recent candidate recruitment successes for the GOP and the relative silence that has been coming from Democrat HQ. There is no word at this time who will succeed Waid, but Democrats were relatively unimpressed by Randy Camacho’s campaign when he ran against Waid. Another festering problem for the Democrats is that Waid’s opponents claimed during the campaign that Waid would not serve out his term, while Waid’s supporters insisted that he would. Now that those promises have been exposed as outright lies, old wounds will likely be reopened.

It is usually pretty quiet on West Washington during the summer, but it looks like we’re going to have something to talk about after all! You’ll know more when we know more!


  1. PartyGuy says

    Gee, I wonder if the press will try the “rats off a sinking ship” theme that they tried when the lowly GOP fundraiser left. If losing a new fundraiser who barely started her job is an indication of a party in trouble, what is losing your party chairman?

  2. Mr. Camacho is a very nice man and certainly sincere, but his abilities to lead the party were seen as limited beyond his desire. The “take one for the team” scenario has played out with the team now headed into a crucial time for fundraising, voter registration, and candidate preparation without solid leadership or direction.

    If we can be smart and trounce on this opportunity to get the jump on the other side while they reload it will be to our advantage for more than one election cycle.

  3. I had to laugh when I read a post from someone of the same party as David Vitter (will we be getting a post about him?) and Mark Foley making capricious use of the phrase “closeted capitalist.” There are certainly areas other than career plans where it is more dangerous (not to mention revealing) to be a hypocrite. Besides, the recent press coverage regarding the large number of CEOs and other corporate types getting behind both Clinton and Obama would indicate that many folks who used to reflexively back Republicans for the presidency are nervous about being associated with the GOP next year.

    Class warfare arguments are silly and pointless. I’ll defend the capitalist system and its proven ability to bring the greatest amount of happiness to the greatest number of people to anyone. Government’s role is to ensure the social safety net and to serve as a check against those who would rob the public to line their own pockets.

    Moreover, I could care less who serves in an increasingly meaningless position like party chair. All of the storm and fury over people like Waid and Pullen is misplaced. More significant stories relate to who is running the various campaigns.

  4. Rex doesn’t want to hear from anyone of the party of Vitter and Foley, or presumably Ted Kennedy or Barney Frank. So no Republicans or Democrats need write anything, because Rex has disqualified your writings in advance.

    Rex hasn’t told us the name of his party wherein everyone is pure and without sin, but there’s probably a reason for that.

  5. Tim-

    This can’t be said about all people, but Senator Vitter should at least avoid pontificating speeches on his website about the sanctity of family values while he is giving money to Washington whores. He is also someone willing to stomp on the civil liberties of other Americans who he disapproves of in the name of morality he doesn’t even practice himself. THAT is a hypocrite and you and I both know plenty of right-wing politicians and preachers who fit that description.

    Congressman Frank, by the way, was a liar when he said he didn’t know a call boy ring was being run out of his home by his lover. Senator Kennedy used his power and wealth to cover up a heinous act. I am a Democrat who is fully capable of and willing to call members of my party with regard to their disgraceful acts.

    There is plenty of hypocrisy on both sides of the aisle, but Bible-beating, finger-wagging types like Vitter are the worst kind.

  6. Rex,

    We would be happy to cover Vitter if we were a Louisiana blog. Since we are not we are stuck with insignificant stories like the out of control border, a U.S. senator running for President, and another senator who joined Ted Kennedy in writing a “comprehensive” immigration bill.

  7. Rex, you didn’t laugh at David Vitter’s post, you laughed at a post written by someone from David Vitter’s party. The fact that I am in David Vitter’s party should not, and frankly does not, taint anything that I decide to write about morality, capitalism, etc. Same goes for “Eyes on West Washington” or any of the rest. Again, so long as you disqualify, mock, or seek to minimize the writings of someone merely for being a Republican or Democrat, you might as well save yourself the time of not reading this (or likely any other) blog. Not too many Greens or Libertarians posting here!

  8. The difference between Democrat and Republican hypocrisy is when democrats do it, it makes them better off:

    * Al Gore — preaching against global warming, but his 18,000 sq. foot palace consumes more energy in 1 month than the average middle class family does in two years

    * Diane Feinstein — preaching against law abiding people being able to defend themselves with a gun, but she can carry a gun because she is, you know, important

    * Hilary Clinton — Wal-mart is destroying “good jobs”, but has no problem making tons of money while serving on their board

    * John Kerry — moralizes the “rich need to pay their fair share”, but he and his wife pay a 12% income tax rate on millions of dollars in income.

    Rex — you forgot to point out that when democrats are caught with $90K in bribe money or some other scandal (see below), they get re-elected. Republicans get punished by Republican primary voters. There is a difference between the parties.

    Tim S — you forgot Gerry Studds. Unlike Foley, he actually had sex with underage boys. Unlike Foley, Studds was re-elected in his heavily democrat district and got a standing ovation from Congressional Democrats.

  9. Chad, we both know that incumbents of both parties usually survive unless they do something particularly egregious. They have a re-election rate of well over 90% and the gerrymandering that both parties benefit from is the best assurance that will continue. Republican voters are no more willing to cast out incumbents than Democrats.

    As for Foley, he is no better than Studds. He was actively trying to get with teenage boys. You know that!

    I could also fill a post with names of Republicans (like Duke Cunningham from California, as just one example) who have financially benefitted from their positions and who did not face the ire of primary voters.

    Tim, you have erected some nice straw men, but that’s all you’ve done. No one is deserving of either praise or criticism merely due to their party label, but people who boast about their own values and insist that others hew to their moral code while they are busy violating it on the sly are scumbags, no matter which party they have joined.

    Finally, Tim, I find it more challenging and entertaining to blog with people with whom I disagree rather than just engage in a nod-fest with people of the same mind. It keeps me on my toes. Wholesale agreement is boring. Debate and dissent keeps things lively.

    Cheers to you both! 🙂

  10. “John Kerry — moralizes the “rich need to pay their fair share”, but he and his wife pay a 12% income tax rate on millions of dollars in income”

    Don’t you think the Republicans set that rate, Chad?

  11. Is it me, or have we completely gone away from the topic of how the head just jumped off the body of the Democrat Party? Anyone else hear that Goddard is picking the replacement? Gee, I wonder why?

  12. Rex,

    It is interesting that you mention Duke Cunningham. Who is worried about the “ire of primary voters” compared to over 8 years in prison?

  13. Like I said, Republican hypocrisy makes them worse off, you know, like jail, career ruined.

    For Democrats, nothing much seems to happen, negativity wise. Studds was re-elected 4 times! Foley was kicked out of the Republican party, Cunningham’s in jail. Come on, Rex, you’re smarter than that!

    Tim (the non-S), Democrats set that 12% rate. They undid Reagan’s tax reforms, which had removed of a lot special interest deductions (like Clinton’s underwear “donation”). Democrats like the high rates to moralize, and loop-holes for their fat-cat contributors.

  14. Jeez Party Guy- calling a member of your own staff whom you hired ‘lowly’ is sort of a low blow….dont’ you think?

    Chairman’s come and go, Waid had Bill Clinton in and raised $600k this past month. That’s what we should be doing.

  15. Julie, compared to the Party Chairman, the finance person is lowly. And no, relative to their staff members, party chairmen really don’t just come and go.

    Also, I’m not sure we should really try to raise money with Bill Clinton… Not sure how ticket sales would go.

    Sadly, we might raise even less if Bush came to town!

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