Parody piece posted on AZ Dem Party website

Came across this press release from the AZ Democrat Party announcing a letter 5 liberal legislators sent to the board of supervisors declaring their concern that county attorney Andrew Thomas failed to enforce Proposition 100, which passed last fall prohibiting bail for illegal immigrants who commit serious crimes. Apparently the Maricopa County Superior Court issued an order after Prop. 100 was passed last fall, instructing personnel not to inquire about citizenship in order to avoid having to enforce Prop. 100. Unfortunately, the court’s refusal to ask about citizenship as required by Prop. 100 resulted in the release of an illegal immigrant who went back onto the streets of Arizona and murdered someone in Mesa.

The irony of this bizarre press release? These liberal legislators no doubt opposed the passage of Proposition 100, whereas Thomas not only supported it and pushed it through but helped draft it.

This line in particular from the Dem press release speaks for itself –

“The voters have spoken and yet Mr. Thomas deliberately ignores the will of the people.”

As far as I can tell, this is a real press release from the AZ Dems, it’s not supposed to be a parody. Not that it matters anymore, the Supreme Court jumped in yesterday and issued an order to the Superior Court to start enforcing Prop. 100, and the Superior Court, smacked down, changed their policy of refusing to ask about citizenship.

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