Pamela Gorman: Driving Liberals Crazy

Its easy really.  Just have fun and disagree with one of liberalisms deeply held “religious” beliefs, such as American-made global warming, openly celebrating Christmas and the truth about terrorism.  Do that and watch the angry left go nuts.

Which brings us to Arizona’s own Congressional Candidate Pamela Gorman.  With an eensy-weensy YouTube commercial, Pamela has set-off the mad-hatters at MSNBC.  For turning Keith Olbermann into a deranged, eye twitching, head snapping, insult spewing, spittle pool frenzied, sock monkey,  Ms. Gorman deserves high praise.  Granted, the ad is a little “out there.”  But outside of San Francisco and the Upper West Side, there is nothing too extreme about this ad — especially in Republican circles.

We’re not sold on Gorman being “the right caliber” for Congress, but hey, she makes a great commercial!


  1. BuffBill says

    Dems are just against the 2nd amendment, period. They don’t like any American shooting a gun.

  2. Unless someone, preferably a “victim” is shooting a gun at an American!

  3. This is a race between Quayle and Parker. Gorman is second tier at best. I’m hoping Parker can pull it off and beat the empty suit.

  4. TrueAZConservative says

    You aren’t “sold yet” on Gorman being the best candidate for the job? Well, who exactly are you sold on then? Quayle, who has zero experience and Washingtong money? Or Waring, who is a McCain hack and more concerned with how he sounds in interviews than what he accomplishes? Maybe Crump, who is a former tax-and-spend from California? Give me a break. Pamela Gorman has a proven record, far beyond that of any other candidate in the race, and is the real conservative!

  5. Ben Quayle who? The last name sounds familiar. Why would a Republican vote for any candidate who has no prior history that can be relied upon to predict their future actions?

    Disclaimer: I am not a Republican.

  6. Tucson Tech says

    Gorman has a proven record all right. She’s a single mother, recently. Okay, probably a story there but it’s off-limits in this PC world. She defied her R colleagues in the recent session, those whom a lot of us good R’s supported, in her quest to out-con the conservatives. She failed.

  7. Keith’s segment is hilarious–right “on target”!
    Gorman’s ad looks amateurish–especially shooting the machine gun. Terri Proud’s gun ad is much more effective.

  8. Gorman isn’t the conservative she pretends to be. I notice she is just fine with the reelection of John McAmnesty.

    Sam Crump is the only CD-3 candidate to endorse J.D. Hayworth. Where is Gorman on the question? Busy pretending to be the most conservative in the land.

    Pamela Gorman is for every moderate establishment Republican in the state. She even endorsed lifelong democrat turned last minute Republican, Tony Bouie, in 2008.

    I’ve even heard Gorman praise John Shadegg for his $700 Billion TARP vote – while Shadegg was busy apologizing for it!

    Did you hear Pamela Gorman on Grassroots Interviews? She says having been through it recently, she doesn’t recommend divorce. Whew…good to know – appreciate the wise tip!

  9. BrianMcChester says

    What to tick-off the left then elect Vernon Parker. The left will throw every racist insult possible. Dems HATE black and brown Republicans.

    Vernon is the only guy who can beat Quayle. The rest have no money and no one knows them.

  10. Anyone else notice that when she was shooting the handgun her aim was awful? Unless she was trying to slowly shoot from the feet to the head of a 20′ giant. Don’t show yourself shooting a gun unless you really know how to shoot.

  11. PC in LD6 says

    Wow, she’s a single mom, her aim was off and she once supported Bouie because no one wanted to support Seel.

    Meanwhile, Crump was for higher taxes in CA and supported rino Clancy Jayne (but everyone seems to have forgotten about that) and Parker has no experience other than being a bureaucrat from DC.

    Is that all you guys have? HA

  12. TrueAZConservative says

    I agree with PC! The insults on Gorman are shameful, and have absolutely nothing to do with her record as a state senator and representative. As I read the comments above, I thought to myself–these sound like comments coming from a far-left website like Huffington or Kos; the game being attack the person rather than the policies. Ridiculous! Gorman is the true conservative in this race. Crump supported and helped usher in a tax hike in CA. Waring is a McCain-guy. No one outside of PV has ever heard of Parker. And Quayle has absolutely no record whatsoever. If you want to support another candidate, that’s fine, but don’t pretend or convince yourself that you are a conservative. On the other hand, if you want someone who will push for lowering taxes, smaller government, protecting the borders, gun rights, and limiting abortion, then Gorman is the only choice in this race.

  13. Pamela is not perfect. Tell me who is. But she understands our Declaration of Independence and our U. S. Constitution. She understands that a growing Federal Government will take away the rights of all our citizens, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians of all faiths and non-faiths if we allow it to tax and grow and indebted us to foreign nations. Arizonans, and all Americans, need her vigilance in Congress.

  14. Come to think of it, we really need to cut taxes twice and start two wars…(North Korea?) in order to follow Bush’s policies.

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