PAChyderm endorsements.

We would add a few names to the list but Seeing Red AZ has the endorsements from the PAChyderm Coalition.


  1. I have to remind fellow loyal conservative Republicans yet again that Mr Fowlkes, who the Coalition just endorsed, recently favored the matricula consular card as a form of ID, opposed making it a felony to be in the U.S. illegally, opposed informed consent for abortions, opposed amending the US Constitution to define marriage as the union of one man/one woman, was in favor of euthanasia, and opposed banning human cloning. These were Fowlkes life-long held positions until this election cycle. In an effort to win his fourth bid for the Corp. Commission, after losing three times, he changed his party registration and all of these positions to appeal to the Republican base.

  2. GOP Boomer Gal says

    And Robert Stump, a true conservative Republican, fails to get their endorsement. The moral of the story: ignore endorsements; do your own research.

  3. Reflection, distorted says

    These endorsements are a joke. Go ask any of those candidates if they even know what Pachyderm is and you’ll likely get a blank stare.

  4. Reflection, distorted

    I have attended three meetings of the group this year and met nearly all of the above named candidates at those meetings.

    They would probably have endorsed Stump for the legislature, again. The qualifications are different for legislator, county sheriff, treasurer, county attorney, or mine inspector. Anyone who applies the same standards for endorsing regardless of the job duties shouldn’t be endorsing.

    I congratulate the group for taking the time to identify the qualifications for the specific job.

  5. Janelle,

    If what you say is true, then the endorsement of Ross over Russell is troubling indeed. There is no question that Russell has far more relevant experience to run the County Assessor’s office that Ross. Russell is a professional appraiser, Ross is a mortgage broker. And, Russell is the current incumbent. All of which leads me to believe that this group based its recommendation on sympathy, not reason. Feeling sorry for a guy because he ran afoul of the worst AG this state has ever seen is not even close to reason enough to endorse him over an incumbent with not even a whiff of scandal, impropriety, or anything else during his four years in office. I think the Pachyderm Coalition struck out on this one.

  6. Keen Observer says

    Ross while in office was one of the best Assessor that Maricopa has had. The policies that he put in place kept the assessments lower and kept our taxes lower. While in office Ross’ staff was fair and accessable.

    Ross was a better assessor.

  7. Russell may be the incumbent, but that is ONLY because Ross was so effective at fighting fot the property owners against the Governor’s Dept of Revenue gestapo tactica that they trumped up charges against Ross. You will notice that there is absolutely NO challenge by Russell to the continual intrusion of Nappy’s money grab.

    Sympathy for the taxpayers is the best reason to support Ross. Of course, slim, if you like the increases in taxes that will be coming without a vigilant appraiser, why don’t you just send them an extra payment to help the rest of us.

  8. terrible says

    Fowlkes, Swapp, Hobbs??? What a joke!! Way to turn a blind eye to Allen and Stump – the only TRUE conservatives in the race.

  9. Well Janelle, when you don’t have the cold hard facts on your side, you try to make the best argument you can. Ross can’t measure up to Russell’s professional accomplishments. It’s just the truth.

    Ross is many things, but an appraiser is not one of them. And your inane comments attributing tax increases to Russell are about as ignorant as it gets. Desperation perhaps?

  10. Slim, it appears that your name accurately describes the depth of your analysis.

    Try looking up the harsh fight over the appraisal process between Ross and the Nappy Dept of Revenue. Ross fought their aggressive policies to increase residential appraisals that RAISED OUR TAXES.

    Russell decided it was more important to keep the guv off his back than fight for the property owner. Reasonable, perhaps, but at a cost to us all.

    I guess that ignorance can more aptly be applied to the person who is unwilling or unable to look at all the underlying factors.

    terrible – spending too much time with #3 can give one a distorted reflection.

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