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  1. LEO IN TSN says

    I would remind all of our illegal alien voters & sympathizers that this is the same Obamao who ordered that firearms would be illegally smuggled into Mexico, specifically so they could be delivered to the drug lords who would then use them to kill Mexican police, military, journalists, judges, politicians and any innocent Mexican citizens who were in the way—not to mention any American citizens who could be made targets (ie Brian Terry, Jaime Zapata, etc.) The intended result, of course, was the destruction of the Second Amendment to our Constitution, using the Mexican and American body counts to ignite the flames.

    American citizens, especially those of Hispanic descent, and legal alien residents should be OUTRAGED at this despicable human sacrifice enabled by Obamao, Holder and the other criminals in the Department of “Justice.” They are willing to facilitate the murders of innumerable people on both sides of the border, people who are working to protect Mexico and US, to achieve their political agenda of destroying US.

    Anyone, including Hispanics, who still gives credence to the self-proclaimed “Hispanic Spokespersons” who are clinging to the Obamao bandwagon and content to accept this holocaust, are paving the way to their own enslavement. It is time to look beyond government handouts and crumbs of amnesty, if the amnesty means a lifetime in chains.

    God bless America, and the innocent Mexicans who are standing to oppose criminal tyranny.

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