Our AZ Governor Race

Who are you supporting?  Are you really checking out the candidates?  I am.  I have personally interviewed two men who are running and hope to interview a third.  I am convinced that we often sign petitions too early without doing our due diligence of checking out the people running for office. We must support the best person for each position.  Our current (incompetent)governor must be beat in this next election.  We need to chose the best man and then join his campaign and help him win.  Are you a lazy voter?  I am not.  I am motivating others to get involved in politics…those who are not interested -shame on you.   If you are a citizen, you should be concerned about your neighborhood, city, state and nation!  If you are not, then you are invited to take over paying for those on welfare, those who are illegal, the criminals incarcerations and your taxes alone (without the help of ours) can support the socialist society that you select to be apart of.

Again, who are you supporting for Governor?  Have you done your homework and due diligence in checking out each candidate?  Will you throw away your vote or will your vote make a difference?  Do you even vote?  Are you a registered voter?

I admonish you to get informed, get educated and get involved!

To all concerned citizens – visit www.mikeharrisforgovernor.com, www.goldwater4governor.org, and www.lenmunsil.com


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