Oro Valley tries to intimidate local blogger.

     An Arizona Daily Star article tells a chilling story of a government official trying to stifle free speech. Oro Valley resident Art Segal covers happenings in the area with his local blog Let Oro Valley Excel. While we do not agree with everything Segal has to say we certainly agree that the town and council warrant close scrutiny and absolutely support his right to speak out on issues, including making endorsements (with no financial support attached,) without being required to register as a political committee.

     Speaking of Oro Valley we are studying the race and are leaning toward supporting Bill Garner. The primary is in March and general in May.

     We cannot wait for our letter from Town Clerk Kathryn Cuvelier. Maybe we can donate it to the Goldwater Institute so they can auction it ala Rush vs. Harry Reid.


  1. Thanks for the great support. I know BILL GARNER well. He definitely deserves your support. Bill will NOT allow developers to blade hills, build 60 foot hotels or ravage the desert, as is now the norm in Oro Valley.
    Also, please look at Salette Latas. She too, is an avid environmentalist, and is so superior to the incumbents.

  2. The Oro Valley magistrate (Dawes and Dumbscom) forbid free speech and aide in the cover up of misuse of public funds and services all in the name of protecting a town employee from scandal.

    Since when in the justice system and in public service has someone’s wrong doing been covered up when reported and the reporter of the misuse threatened with arrest if the story were ever told to the public

    Oro Valley is corrupt as hell.

  3. I see the elections are coming up. No wonder the cover up is on.

  4. I guess a good sex scandal and misuse of public funds wouldn’t interest the people of Oro Valley. Guess they wouldn’t care how their tax dollars are spent… that seems to be the way the magistrate ther feels. It’s all about protecting the employee from scandal and embarassment,

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