Oro Valley election ends on the 20th.

     The election for the remaining Oro Valley Town Council seat ends on Tuesday, May 20. According to the town clerk’s web page it is too late to mail the ballots but you can drop them off at the Oro Valley Clerk’s office at 11000 N. La Canada Drive.

     Incumbents Barry Gillaspie and Terry Parish are seeking another 4-year term on the council but only one of them will make it. The Explorer has coverage of the primary election.


  1. Amerivet says

    Ok, so the Explorier falls into a story about Parish and his falling into the abyss and says absolutely nothing about Gillaspie. WTF? I thought that Parish, Dankworth, and Gillaspie had their a$$e$ handed to them by Latas and Garner. For an article that is suppost to be about the runoff election this article seems to be focused on Parish’s problem with how Latas operated her a$$ kicking machine.

    And the Whiner of the Oro Valley election is….Parish. Good riddance.

  2. Oro Valley Mom says

    More recently, Parish said he’s grown concerned with the encroachment of political parties on local elections such as Oro Valley’s in which candidates run without party affiliations.

    “It leads to confusion among voters,” Parish said of the party’s involvement. “They had no idea that it was the Democratic Party asking for their vote.”

    Is this guy completely ignorant of the priciples of logic? I mean, which is it? Is he concerned about political parties being involved, or is he concerned because people have no idea that politial parties are involved? I agree with Amerivet. WTF?

  3. Conservative to the Core says

    Why was there no mention that taoday was the last day to vote against the tax increase. If you live in phoenix go vote “NO” now.

  4. Oro Valley Mom says

    The results are in:

    GILLASPIE, BARRY 5544 62.93%
    PARISH, TERRY 3266 37.07%

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