One too many.

Time for a tribal council to vote someone off of the island. There were way too many people on stage last night for the Republican debate. Please vote for whom should not be onstage next time.

Criterion – Please judge the candidates not on policy but rather on who was most lackluster in making his case. Who is not ready for prime-time.


  1. Paul fits the bill to go no matter what criterion is used. He whines like a two year old and when you add in his appearance and positions …the guy is a train wreck.

    If we can only pick one, he’s my one to bid adieu!

  2. Tommy Thompson with Ron Paul on his heels.

  3. ThinkRight says

    I’d say vote off, Paul, both Tommy’s (Tancredo & Thompson)for sure, maybe Gilmore…
    Keep the top 6…
    Of course, keep Mitt, Rudy & McCain and anyone with say 2-3% of the vote on for now or cut folks loose that haven’t raised enough funds to stay in.

  4. AZGOPgal says

    Ron Paul can take a hike.

  5. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Can’t figure out why someone of Tommy Thompson’s stature is such a dud, but off he goes!

    I’d let Ron Paul follow him off as well. The Democrats can make room for him in their “Blame America First” caucus…

  6. Six is a good number to keep. You never know who will really step up or really step in it, better to have a full arsenal.

  7. Ron Paul is still a Losertarian. Also agree that Tommy (Past time for him to be “Tom”) Thompson is out of his league.

    Duncan Hunter is splendid, but too few have heard of him.
    Check out his website and acquaint yourself with this fine man. His background in national defense, alone, warrants strong consideration.
    He served in Vietnam and is a well regarded California congressman. He’s strong on border security, thinks on his feet, and held his own ably in the recent debate. Arizona congressman, Trent Franks has endorsed his candidacy. Hunter stays on the island–along with Mitt Romney and perhaps Fred Thompson—if he rows over.

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