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Teddy.jpg     Hot AZ It Gets takes note of Jon Kyl’s cozy relationship with party RINO’s. Now that Toni Hellon has been defeated in Legislative District 26 (NW Tucson region) I wonder to whom Kyl will look for volunteers in that Republican stronghold. Most conservatives in the area are supporters of Captain Al Melvin, the victor in Tuesday’s primary. Al was none too pleased that Kyl felt the need to intervene in the race and endorse the rather liberal Hellon.

Sunday 9-17-06, 8:10 am


  1. Hank and Margaret Kenski are good friends of Jon Kyl and Toni Hellon. Kyl will now need to rely on the foot soldiers in NW Tucson and greater Tucson if he wants to win or break even in Pima County. Look for an opportunity to communicate with the Kyl campaign in the very near future.

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