Oh, darn! No knitting at the convention.

We are working on having a Sonoran Alliance correspondent at the GOP convention and have received lots of e-mails regarding press rules for the event. We just received this list of prohibited items. Here it is. (I am especially glad that they clarified that explosives will not be allowed.)

  •   Weapons, knives (Regardless of size)
  •   Fireworks, explosives
  •   Umbrellas
  •   Strollers
  •   Poles and sticks
  •   Laser lights and pointers
  •   Coolers
  •   Tasers, stun guns, or similar devices
  •   Containers of any type- bottles/cans/spray canisters
  •   Aerosols- including lens and keyboard cleaners
  •   Mace/Pepper spray, or similar products
  •   Noise makers/horns
  •   Banners/Signs/Placards
  •   Sharp and other pointed objects (i.e. scissors/knitting needles)
  •   Leatherman of similar tools


  1. I wonder how much they will charge for water in the convention building.

    I noticed sharp tongues aren’t on the list 🙂

  2. This comment has been deleted. It was a little over the top.

  3. Husband and Pearce are taking the state GOP over a cliff and you’re worried about knitting needles? I know, it’s the comic relief to the chaos. By the way, where’s Pullen on all this? Spandex?

  4. Wonder what the list will look like in Minneapolis/St. Paul in a few weeks???

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