Officer killed by illegal alien.

KTAR is reporting that Phoenix police officer Nick Erfle’s killer was in the U.S. illegally.


  1. Now there’s a shocker – a low life named Martinez who killed a police officer is here illegally. Now I am in NO WAY lumping everyone named Martinez, or who’s hispanic for that matter, into the same category as this guy who killed Officer Erfle, so don’t get your panties in a twist. What I’m getting to is that we are seeing this happen more frequently where a violent crime has been committed by an illegal alien. We’re going to see more of this until our borders are secured. I’ll probably catch hell for this post, but I do have one fact to point out on this – if Martinez was not here illegally Officer Erfle would be alive today. Chew on that before you blast me.

    Regardless of his citizenship status, or lack there of, you can file Martinez’s death under DSAF – Did Society A Favor.

  2. What is also outrageous is that the Arizona Republic threw out the fact that Martinez was here illegally as an “incidental.”

    The hard core question in all this is what was this piece of human debris doing back in our country? And how did he get back in?

    This is the kind of event that will cause many of us to push even harder to deport those who are putting our local and national security in danger.

    In a few days when the citizens of our community gather in grief and we lay another one of Phoenix’s finest to rest because of another sensless act of violence, perhaps the population will rise up in anger and say enough is enough before taking action into their own hands?

    How many more?

  3. There have already been thousands killed by illegal aliens, many law enforcement types, many children, after these creeps took their innocence. The media is still ho-hum about it. But it is NOW getting reported more. They would ALL be alive today if we enforced federal laws. Who cares what their skin covering was? They were all black-hearted.

  4. Perhaps Mac Magruder should pick up the officer’s funeral tab or perhaps initiate a fund to educate his children!

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