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As the editor of Sonoran Alliance, I decided to pull the latest post on Tony Bouie’s wife.

After a review of the comments, it was clear that some of the comments had gone too far and that the tone of the “discussion” was too much of a distraction.

I am also becoming more concerned about bringing candidate’s family members into these posts/comments – especially after what happened in the LD18 Senate race. Now before anyone claims that “someone got to him,”  I’m willing to bet that every one of you would probably agree that a family member should not be placed in the target zone in a political race even if they react out of self-preservation. (And by the way, I am reconsidering pulling an earlier post in another race.) 

Within reason, some things should be off limits.

So in the interest of civility and respect, I have pulled the latest Bouie post regarding his wife but I will allow and monitor comments closely on this post.

Enough said.


  1. Agreed.

  2. Thank you….

  3. I read the post while it was up. “Tony said it was okay to reach out to friends asking for support.” Taken in context, that phrase says the subject email was cleared by Tony. How can you say the post was about Tony Bouie’s wife?? The post was about an email to encourage attendance at the LD-6 meeting. You have to spin VERY long and hard to say that post was “about Tony Bouie’s wife.” It was about an email written by Tony Bouie’s wife to affect politics and written with Tony’s approval.

  4. The subject email from the Tony Bouie household, with Tony Bouie’s strongly implied approval, labled supporters of Carl Seel members of a “white supremacy organization.” FALSE. It also labled Carl Seel supporters “racists.” FALSE.

    The email said in part “we need to make it clear that he (Tony Bouie) has a lot of supporters and won’t be bullied by white supremacists.”

    Well, thank you very much emial author. You have FALSELY played the race card. Throw false and unfounded suspicions on others to further your own support numbers. What happens when a real racist comes along? Nobody will believe you. You have insulted many upstanding LD-6 Republican party workers and we started here long before April 2008. The Maricopa County Republican Committee endorses Carl Seel and Rep. Sam Crump. According to your note, the MCRC is made up of racists. Despicable.

  5. SonoranSam says

    DSW: I often disagree with you, and with the point of your posts….

    but thanks to you, Sonoran Alliance is a class act.

  6. The major email note concerning the Tony Bouie campaign which was first posted and then removed by SA can be read in its entirety at Good friends of SA’s.

    Readers can decide for themselves if this is a note about a Tony Bouie family member or if this is a note about political matters.

  7. DSW your a class act! To answer “Scott”. Mr. Bouie didn’e know about this e-mail until his wife told him this morning. His wife sent this out on her own. She is not political, never has been, she is a teacher. It was wrong and they admit it. But for some other Blogs to post it WITH the Bouie’s Home Phone # and e-mail addresses IS wrong. I could post some of the e-mails I get sent to me from the other side but I don’t. This has all become way too much. No wonder good people don’t want to get involved in politics?

  8. nightcrawler says


    You are a class act and did the right thing.

    Word is the national media has been forwarded the
    letter from the three Congressmen regarding Ready. Once they come sniffing around the Arizona GOP the Bouie issue will also surface. I would hope the leaders of LD6 can gain control of a potentially very volatile district meeting. Perhaps some of the Congressional delegation need to make an appearance. The one thing that we as a Party cannot afford is the stench of racism (perceived or real) before the general, especially this year. The stakes are high. Reasonable people need to make a stand.


    Decide for yourself readers.

  10. “The one thing that we as a Party cannot afford is the stench of racism (perceived or real) before the general, especially this year.”

    The Maricopa County Republican Committee which is comprised of 18 District Chairs and 5 Members-At-Large unanimously endorsed Carl Seel and Rep. Sam Crump. They would not have done so if there was even a whiff of racism. The race card has been played AGAIN by the Bouie camp.

    Race Card: Intentionally and falsely casting doubt or suspicion against an opponent(s) to increase the numbers of your own supporters. The most vile campaign tactic available because you are lying to your own supporters against INNOCENT people. Essentially, taking your own supporters for idiots.

  11. Antifederalist says

    I must respectfully disagree that Bouie’s wife is off limits. She injected herself into the public arena for comment by sending an e-mail around asking for help on her husband’s campaign. Had she never said anything, stayed out of the lime-light, and only posed for pictures while saying nothing, I might agree that she’s off limits. That’s just not the case. SHE made accusations, therefore, it’s ENTIRELY appropriate to respond to those accusations. Again, she made herself fair game by opening her big and inarticulate mouth.

  12. nightcrawler says

    Perception is reality in politics. The MCRC has no business endorsing anyone in a contested primary. That is a conflict. Add to the intrigue the people they have endorsed and well let’s just say a casual observer will form an opinion. It was bad policy and will actually turn out to bite some innocent GOP candidates in the behind during the general.

    The email by the Bouie camp was ill-advised just as was Crump’s press release. What we have now is a fine mess.

  13. I'm In Trouble Now says

    I am with nightcrawler. You have a private political club, go ahead and endorse. You’re an elected official, go ahead. But as a district chair, elected specifically to help lead the party, making endorsements either alone or as part of a group of other chairs is wrong. You should not be picking and choosing the party’s candidates. It’s not the politburo, it’s a party. That being said, Shadegg made a D6 endorsement also, which he is free to do. He was not elected to a party office like the district chairs were.

  14. I looked at the email on another web site. SA is wrong to have pulled it from their web site. It is something relevant to the campaign. Unless Bouie and his wife are willing to publish a statement acknowledging that Seel supporters and LD6 PCs are NOT racists or white supremists and apologizing for sending the email, then the email is legitimate material to cover.

    Someone posted that sending this email was a mistake by Mrs. Bouie. If that is true, we should expect a full retraction and profuse apology. We can then move on past this episode. If not, then the Bouie campaign should not be shielded from the consequences of its race baiting.

    By the way, did I miss Bruce Ash’s post condemning this viscious attack against Carl Seel and LD6 PCs? He seems ready to jump in when Bouie is accused of lying – when Bouie actually did lie and impugn the integrity of the other candidates.

    Any perception of racism is the responsibility of the Bouie campaign. This man is a disgrace to the Republican Party. Not because of his race, but because of his blatant lying, lack of integrity, and race baiting.

    If leaders of the Republican Party do not object to Bouie, they have lost their moral bearings. Not objecting to Bouie because of his race is the worst form of racism – the racism of lower expections based on race.

  15. OK Hunter if this is ‘relevent’ as you say, then I guess I can post all the innuendo being spread on the Internet by the other side. EVERYONE knows what is happening here. Pandora’s Box here we come!

  16. Jeff Richards says

    Just wanted to get back to the subject at hand.

  17. One thing I’m still waiting to read from our readers is can they differentiate between Crump, Seel and Bouie? Can anyone who comments here accurately say that they know where these guys are on the issues?

  18. Like It Is says

    Yes I can, as much as anyone can say where Bouie is on the issues. With him, its much more a question of which version of the survey you read and whether its before or after his consultant writes his answers. That said, Bouie favors affirmative action, Seel and Crump oppose it. Bouie has still not signed the No New Taxes pledge, Seel and Crump have. Bouie has said that employer sanctions should be handled at the federal level while Crump and Seel support the AZ law. And so it goes. If I could find some of Crump’s emails I know there would be more in there, but on many issues, Crump and Seel hold positions that are consistent with our party’s platform while Bouie does not. I know its good form to say something nice about all of them, so I will say that folks say that Bouie is pro-life, so he gets that one. But one or both of his surveys must have concerned Arizona RIght to Life since they could have endorsed him and endorsed Seel and Crump instead. Come to think of it, the same goes for the NRA, who endorsed Crump and Seel when they will often endorse the incumbent and just give grades to challengers. There must have been something on Bouie’s survey that got them to endorse Seel.

    So there, issues and lots of them.

  19. Jeff Richards says

    Arizona African American Republican Committee endorsed Carl Seel and the next day Rep. Sam Crump. Somewhat unexpectedly, a few days later they endorsed a 3rd candidate for the two seats, Tony Bouie.

  20. I'm In Trouble Now says

    I’d like to pipe up and say the issues are important, but not to the neglect of all else. If we forgave someone like Seel all the mistakes he made in his first five runs for office, we’d probably be compelled to extend the same to Bouie.

    Speaking of forgiveness, feigned or otherwise, and doubt as well, I was looking at the Planned Parenthood site today and found this quote:

    “A lot of so-called conservatives today don’t know what the word means. They think I’ve turned liberal because I believe a woman has a right to an abortion. That’s a decision that’s up to the pregnant woman, not up to the pope or some do-gooders or the religious right. It’s not a conservative issue at all.”
    — former U.S. Senator and Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater

  21. Like It Is says

    There are “mistakes” and there is calling an entire group of people of group white supremacists.

    Those two things are not equal. At all.

  22. Dear Hunter (#14)–

    I have spoken as clearly and forcefully as I can to ask all sides to stop the warfare against each other in our GOP.

    I no more side with Bouie than I do with Seel. All ought to behave themselves. Same goes in LD 18 or wherever else we are trying to kill our own.

    I cannot make this argument any more forcefully.

    Bruce Ash
    National Committeeman

  23. Like It Is says

    I guess this is my problem with Bruce’s statement. It refuses to distinguish between the actions of the two sides. It considers them both equal. Gibbons and his allies, largely at the behest of a sitting Congressman, launch an incredibly toxic attack on Pearce, and Pearce defends himself. Ash treats them the same and tells everyone to settle down and behave themselves. Bouie’s campaign features a man who apparently has actually only been a Republican for five days and Seel’s campaign points it out. Bouie’s campaign responds by calling everyone associated with Seel’s campaign part of a white supremacy group. Ash treats them the same and tells everyone to take it easy.

    It is a strange form of judgment that refuses to pass real judgment. The net result is that by not being fair, Ash loses his credibility as a referee. If one team commits a foul, you call it. You don’t call double-technicals because the injured party seeks to defend itself. That only encourages the offending party because they know they can do whatever they want and only get 50% of the blame.

    I have always felt sorry for Israel as terrorists fire rocket after rocket trying to kill innocent Israelis. The world says nothing. Israel finally responds and sends its soldiers and tanks after those who are firing the rocket and the world rushes to call on both sides to settle down and not make things worse, as though their actions are somehow morally equivalent.

    So come on Mr. Ash, call the fouls when they occur and call them on the offending party. If you do that and the State Party does that, folks might actually start being careful with their words. If you don’t, then you’ll fast become the UN of the GOP.

  24. Dear “Like”

    The only liars we should be tracking down like dogs are the lying democrats.

    Obama and everyone down the line are lying and those are the folks who we should concentrate our fire on.


  25. Jeff Richards says

    Like it is, You’ve got that right! Bruce, you’re too late. I do not agree with ignoring vicious attacks against some candidates and then jumping in when the other side finally receives what they have coming. Doesn’t wash. Good intentions by you, maybe, no way to know. All we do know is your were silent while some candidates were being attacked and spoke up when other candidates received some return fire. It’s free speech. The candidates and their supporters are grown-ups. Too late for a referee if one was ever needed in the first place.

  26. Jeff–

    That may be so. I do not feel very good about what has been un leashed and my tardy response. Normally I am ahead of the curve.

    Part of my job IS to play a referee. I have no ulterior motives here except to keep the peace and make sure we do not further damage our brand with the voters and our most ardent supporters. When you believe in the concept of free speech it sometimes a difficult path to follow when you see otherwise good people acting out or acting badly.

    As I have suggested we need to BOMB THE RIGHT TARGET and that is our dem opponents.

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