Occupy Arizona – Brewer & McComish Rally Progressive Grassroots

Just how desperate are Governor Brewer and political wizard Chuck Coughlin to force Obamacare on an unwilling Arizona? Dwindling resources, loss of votes, and lackluster public support seem to be a reason for the fraught Republicans to enlist the support of a Saul Alinsky based organization. What exactly do Brewer and Coughlin want the Occupy Wall Street types to do?

Brewer and McComish on IAF siteArizona’s Republican Governor Jan Brewer graces the Industrial Areas Foundation website (under IAF in Action) attending an event at the Valley Interfaith Project and with her are Senate Majority Leader John McComish and Representative Heather Carter.

IAF was established in 1940 by Saul Alinsky and “trains community organizers in the tactics of revolutionary social change. It is a Chicago-based community-organizing network consisting of 59 affiliate groups and Valley Interfaith Project is one of those groups. “IAF is not a grassroots network; its local affiliates are created as the result of careful planning by its national leadership.” 

So was this meeting with the Governor who signed SB1070 a “result of careful planning by its national leadership?” What are they planning: the implementation of Obamacare in Arizona, which is second only to Texas as a leader in State rights, or the defeat of the republican majority in the 2014 elections?

Valley Interfaith Project proudly proclaims a Marxist mission defining itself as “a non-partisan organization of dues-paying member congregations, schools, unions and non-profits committed to building relational power through organizing people for sustainable social and economic improvement.”

At the meeting Senator John McComish states, “If you don’t have these kinds of gatherings, organizations lose momentum.” This is Republican leadership in our State Senate? The Majority Leader, a republican, is publicly spurning his party and the legislative district he is suppose to represent which happens to poll as the highest LD in Arizona at 78% as “less likely to reelect a legislator who votes for a hospital tax to fund the expansion of Medicaid.”

Senator McComish seems to forget that there is a constitutionally defined separation of the branches of government and he happens to be a leader in the legislative branch not the water boy of the executive branch. Brewer has plenty of highly-paid-lobbyist. Is it really necessary for McComish to be rallying protestors against his own legislators from a group holding the extreme opposite philosophy of the people who elected him?

The Valley InterfaithProject: opposes SB1070; wants to raise taxes to equalize society; claims to “continue to stand against local nativist attacks on families.” They want to reweave our public and social fabric” and in their “Strategy for Engagement” in the Economic Play theybelieve that institutions — congregations, schools, labor unions, among others–-play a crucial role in the development of public people.”

So why is the ragtag band of Brewer, McComish, and Carter enlisting the aid of a community organizers?

To date a rumored $750K has been wasted on a full-fledged campaign complete with TV Medicaid-FAIL-300x204ads and highly paid lobbyists to twist the arms of legislators. 100% of the Democrat caucus stand with the Governor who signed SB1070. But the support of the entire minority party and all the money and arm twisting has not only failed to bring Obrewercare to Arizona it has resulted in the loss of Republican votes.

The Brewer/Coughlin plan is failing.

While Governors of states like Florida, with legislators rejecting Obamacare, are facing the fact there is a system of checks and balances and branches of government are indeed separate- Arizona’s Governor Brewer refuses to accept the fact that the public, including Democrats, reject Obamacare and new taxes.


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