The Obamacare Girls: Brewer & Pelosi

Governor Brewer continues to galvanize the Republican Party with her stubborn refusal to face the fact that Arizonans reject Obrewercare. After her unsuccessful attempt to apply the intimidation techniques acquired in the ObamaCampaignTactics101 she now reaches deep into the Nancy Pelosi bag of tricks and pulls out a parliamentary stunt to get her way.

Stop OBrewercare in Arizona!

Stop OBrewercare in Arizona!

Getting her way is what this is all about – right? This week the Ohio Legislators stood up to their Governor and offered a budget minus the expansion.  The U.S. Congress Democrats are so concerned about the political price they will pay in 2014 they are pleading to postpone the implementation of Obamacare!

But Governor Brewer doesn’t care about the Republican majority in Arizona. Governor Brewer doesn’t care if she is hurting the political future of the republican legislators. Governor Brewer definitely does not care about the Arizona Republican Party because every republican legislative district (minus 2) and county openly opposes Obrewercare and yet she pushes on.

So now the Republican Governor is using the exact same maneuver to bring Obrewercare to Arizona that Nancy Pelosi used to bring us Obamacare – just to get her way.  The AZ Senate is considering forcing a vote on the floor.

NO public input.   NO committee debate.   NO expert testimony.  NO doctors – NO nurses – NO homecare providers telling the impact on their lives.

The Lobbyists are in control because our Republican Governor is handing our health care to them on a silver platter.

For a complete list of the Legislators supporting Obrewercare :


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