OK, I admit I was wrong about Obama picking Hillary.

But this pick should really concern Obama’s supporters and Democrats across the country. For one thing, I didn’t realize that Delaware was such an important state to have in your political pocket. Secondly, since when did a Senator-Senator team demonstrate depth in the ticket? Then there’s all those Democratic women who you should be counting on with some “gender diversity” on the ticket.

I suggest that having Biden on the ticket is a big positive to Republicans. Anyone who has been following politics for a decade knows that Biden has made some serious verbal gaffs. Watch for many of those to be aired over the weeks ahead.

In fact, the McCain camp is already ahead of the game. Here’s the latest ad that was released today:


  1. Mark Kraft says

    What the McCain campaign forgot was the full, very embarrassing context of the quote.


    …basically, Biden told the Daily Show back in 2005 that he urged John McCain to switch parties and run as John Kerry’s running mate.

    To make matters worse for McCain, he denied this fact initially when asked by the NY Times, only to completely blow up at a NYT reporter, when confronted on his lie, finally admitting it, and claiming that it was common knowledge!


    The video of this is very embarrassing for McCain, and reenforces a lot of the negative perceptions people have about him.

    More info below, with the interview transcript, supporting links, etc. Feel free to yoink at your leisure…


  2. Precinct Committeeman says

    Why are you ignoring the exploding problems in LD-6? Braswell’s decisions against Carl Seel favor Tony (the Liar) Bouie and are a threat to every precinct committeeman in that district. This should be addressed by everyone who cares about form and substance of the political process.

  3. kralmajales says

    Well, this is a strange and interesting pick for me. I don’t think he brings much at all politically, except these things.

    Biden is from Scranton PA and, given the close proximity of Delaware to the Philly market, he could bring PA along into the fold. Might McCain pick Ridge now?

    Biden was probably the most effective debator among all of the candidates on the Democratic side. Look for him to clean the clock of anyone in the VP Debate…not that anyone will be watching though.

    Last, Biden is an excellent pick for VP if one were interviewing for the job. Clearly experienced, clearly knowledgeable, and clearly effective.

    I think this is a “safe” pick.

  4. You are so right. In the past ten years he is certain to have put his foot in his mouth a few times. We can really capitalize on this! We just need people to forget and nevermind the fact the McCain has a habit of doing it every other day… My only worry is that if the good ol’ boys in the GOP can ignore McCain and his alzheimer’s/turret’s symtoms, then the wingnuts in the democratic party can look past Biden’s decade old misstatements. I am so glad that as a conservative living in southern Arizona, I have a place on the internet to go for logical, bulletproof and well thought out debate. Thank you, Sonoran Alliance. Too many conservative blogs I visit just seem like someone making childish, unsophisticated and often absurd assertions based on what would appear to be a very limited and distorted view of the national and local political scene. This blog doesn’t seem that way at all. You guys are really a cut above…the way you defend a candidate prone to offending a new demographic of American society every two days by pointing out Biden’s decade old gaffs…it’s flawless. It’s poetry. It’s Earthshattering. I think it it’ll really shake things up, and get those leftist crazies heading for the hills.

  5. He’s a plagiarist, something that Obama has dabbleed in…


    so they have that in common…and his comments critical of Obama’s lack of experieince were not ten years old, maybe ten months old.

    Like Charlie Wilson said about his secretaries, “I can teach them to type but I can’t teach them to grow t…”…er, well, meant to say, experience is something you have to acquire over time.

  6. I watched the video – boy, some people must be dumb – if they think we can’t figure out that the tape is cut at the end and leaves anyone watching saying to himself or herself: “what was the rest of the sentence?”

    Well, thank you, Mr. Kraft, for giving us ‘the rest of the story’.

    If this is the best the McCain camp can come up with – I can hardly wait for Nov 4 to come and go….

  7. “I didn’t realize that Delaware was such an important state to have in your political pocket”

    It isn’t. That’s not the point. The point is to provide balance to the ticket. Biden does.

    “I suggest that having Biden on the ticket is a big positive to Republicans. Anyone who has been following politics for a decade knows that Biden has made some serious verbal gaffs. ”

    If anyone knows about gaffs, it would be the GOP. Hasn’t hurt McCain, and heck, you elected a president on his inability to speak coherently.

  8. I think there are definitely some issues with your analysis on Biden.
    First this has nothing to do with winning Delaware or its importance. If we look back over history no VP has clearly delivered a state for someone since LBJ in 1960 when he got Texas for Kennedy.

    Where Biden does help is rural Pennsylvania and with working class people. I am not really sure why but he is very effective at talking to white working class people (which is Obama’s weakness).

    Also yes Obama makes gaffes but it seems that McCain does this on a daily basis. Also, Biden is a great attack dog, he is very blunt in his remarks and therefore could really pay off for Obama.
    Honestly as much as I hate to say it this was the safe and smart pick for Obama.

    The one way it does hurt Obama is basically whoever McCain picks Obama is going to be the least experienced person of the 4… That is something to go after if I was McCain and the GOP.

  9. Well, it balances the ticket with two plagiarists, if that what you mean.

  10. …and it balances the ticket with one person who thinks Obama is the great savior (that would be Obama himself) and one who thinks he doesn’t have the experience to be the President (that would be the VP he selected).

  11. The idea that Biden will help republicans in November is stupid. The idea that his decade old gaffs are going to matter to anyone is also stupid. People don’t care about things that happened that long ago–this is why, for example, McCain isn’t being asked questions about his association with Charles Keating. The reasons for Biden being chosen are very, very easy to understand. Again, you have failed.

  12. Obama thinks he himself is the great savior?Please, if you are going to type, type something intelligent. You aren’t funny…say something valid or clear the way for someone on your side of the issue who can.

  13. We look for flaws in the very basic personalities to begin with because they tell us a lot about a person; Can we trust a guy who has such an elevated ego that he has to have a hair transplant, or a presidential candidate who hasn’t served a full term in the Senate, doesn’t know Jack about foreign policy or the Middle East, and wants to raise taxes?

    I don’t think so. McCain certainly isn’t the perfect candidate or our first choice but he surely beats the hell out of whomever else is running.

  14. Hey Brandon, thanks, I got a million of ’em!

  15. It just confirms Obama’s bad judgement. Pick an obnoxious motormouth with 3 failed presidential bids.

    Well, at least Biden knows Russia has a veto on the UN Security Council. Something Obama didn’t (maybe he does now) when he called on the UN to stop Russia’s invasion of Georgia.

  16. “We look for flaws in the very basic personalities to begin with because they tell us a lot about a person”

    Like the guy who’s nicknamed McNasty in high school, gets into Annapolis as a legacy, finished nearly last in his class, cheats on his first wife and marries his second before his divorce is final?

    If hair plugs are the best you have, you should give it a rest.

  17. I have a lot more but you wouldn’t understand it anyway………….

  18. Can we trust someone who claims to be a cowboy who graduated from Yale (talk about elitist), who only bought his ranch the year before the campaign. Oh, I guess you can.

  19. The other thing Biden should be concerned about is all those times he sat on some Senate committee and badgered some witness. He comes off cocky and arrogant.

  20. No, he should not worry about badgering witnesses because most people don’t watch CSPAN or care about the hearings. Besides that, to most democrats he doesn’t come off as arrogant, he probably comes off as “tough.” How do you think the McCain campaign would exploit that anyway?

    “Look everybody! Joe Biden is mean to witnesses! Don’t elect him because he is arrogant!”

    Well actually, as stupid as that sounds, it would be a hair better than calling Obama a celebrity…at least it would make sense.

  21. I’m incredibly conflicted about Biden. I swore I would never support him because of his actions in implementing the RAVE Act, one of the most undemocratic pieces of legislation in modern times (before the PATRIOT Act snagged the crown)… ANd that particular meme is sticking with a lot of people I know… But I really believe Obama needs to be President.

    On Biden’s plus side, his election would probably push Robert Bork over the edge, which would be awesome.

  22. Biden brings to the Obama campaign that veneer of experience that the public and the media lose their minds over at the beginning of every news cycle. Never mind the fact that experience counted for jack in the current administration when faced with the phantasmal pipe dreams and white hat/black hat world view that is the bedrock of neo-conservative dogma; it takes so much less effort to trust to the experience of a candidate, no matter how colored by ideology, than to actually take the time to scrutinize his or her character.

    That being said, by picking Biden Obama shores up his perceived weakness against the lockstep Republican zombie that used to be McCain.

  23. Well said, sir.

  24. Does McCain really want to pull out what people say in debates or interviews about other candidates?

    Just go to You Tube and pull up Romney and his sound bites on McCain.

    Those sound bites take Romney out – if McCain wants to play this game.

    Of course, maybe Romney is out of contention….

  25. Obama is a lightweight without experience. Just watch him when he’s not in front of a teleprompter.

    Biden is a lightweight with experience.

    What a pair those two make.

  26. With all the advantages Dems have this year, its amazing Obama isn’t 15 points ahead. Just goes to show what a weak candidate he is.

    Weak campaigner and weak intellect.

  27. Nancy,

    there are a lot undecideds out there – look at the independent registration in AZ and across the country.

    The race is a deadheat right now – and that’s to be expected…

  28. Nancy,

    A weak candidate who’s still beating John McCain. I think that shows what an even weaker candidate John McCain is.

  29. Its a Democrat year. A generic Dem beats the Republican. A few months ago Obama was way ahead, now its dead even.

    Voters are paying attention, they take a second look, beyond all the media hype, and they see what a lightweight Obama is. No wonder his handlers won’t let him debate unless he has access to a teleprompter.

    He’s gotten better now that George Clooney is advising him.

  30. Ditto to most all of the above. Biden is a surprisingly weak choice from the candidate who seemed to have the momentum. The interesting aspects of this election continue . . .

    On second thought, maybe this isn’t surprising after all.

  31. Nancy,
    Your knowledge of the UN Security council is flawed – and you chide someone else for lack of understanding?

    As a party to the dispute Russia would be required to abstain from voting, as article 27 of the UN Charter makes clear.

  32. I think the Biden choice will wind up being a net negative for his campaign. What is interesting is to see the justification of the pick relating to “foreign policy experience.” The current President had zero. Clinton had zero. Reagan had zero. Carter zero. But of course it really isn’t about “foreign policy experience” but proving one adheres to the foreign policy orthodoxy. Biden has long support for foreign trade policies that help international capital while sticking it to working people. Biden is a cheerleader for the projection of US power in the world. Basically, this is a signal that even if elected he has no plan to alter business as usual. One can see how important this is as Biden totally kills Obama’s message of “Change.”

  33. Nancy,

    A) It isn’t dead even by anyone’s count except for fox news which, I shouldn’t have to tell you, doesn’t count for much.

    B) Obama isn’t up by fifteen points because this is a presidential election. Fifteen point leads don’t happen anymore. Read a book about it.

    C) Obama is not a lightweight because some pundit on fox says so. As far as the average voter is concerned, it doesn’t matter what happens when the TV cameras aren’t around. Besides THAT, whatever your insinuation is about Obama minus TV cameras, McCain makes a fool out of himself on camera at least as often as he does off.

    D) How do you even know what he is doing when cameras aren’t around? Do you know the guy or something?

    E) Weak intellect? There’s no argument over which candidate is smarter between the law professor and the… what? Former naval officer? I can tell you from much personal experience that they aren’t an exceptional breed. A fighter pilot? George Dubya flew airplanes and he has a mild (or not so mild) case of down syndrome, so that doesn’t count for much either. Show me any academic litmus test that puts McCain, who believes Pakistan and Iraq share a border (probably with “czechoslovakia” as he calls it) and who believed that putin was president of Germany, over Obama in the “intelligence” category.

    Just because you read “Obama Nation” last week, doesn’t mean you should log on and start vomiting your conservative tripe all over the internet. Your loony tune brand of political theory is baffling to everybody, even the other troglodytes in your cave. Do yourself a favor and go back to what you were doing before you logged on to this terrible, terrible website: making youtube videos of you kicking yourself in the head and lighting your farts on fire.

  34. I suggest we take up a Brandon relief fund. The poor guy is obviously in need of help and is crying out for someone to ease his pain.

    L-I-T-H-I-U-M, it really works on those manic rage episodes.

    Since we already know this site monitors IP addresses, I’m sure the moderator could arrange for delivery.

  35. What do you say when an angry, netrooter post on conservative blogs: “bitter, table for one!”

    Amazing how lefties always immediately jump to vitriolic attacks rather than engage people who disagree with them. Just shows how intolerant liberals truly are.

  36. Frank Soto says

    I agree that Brandon is going a bit over the top.

    However, Nancy, he did show that you had complete ignorance of the way the UN works, right after you accused Obama of the same ignorance (of which you were incorrect). So, are you willing to admit you were wrong, or are you happy to go along with the ad hom?

    And come now: “Just shows how intolerant liberals truly are.” Both parties have intolerant and tolerant people. Just like both parties have tall and short people. Saying stuff like that is just ridiculous.

    Also, while I often disagree with Obama, I would not attribute that disagreement to his “weak intellect.” Obama is incredibly intelligent, ask any professor at the University of Chicago Law School. Even Richard Epstein gives Obama a lot of credit: http://uchicagolaw.typepad.com/faculty/2008/08/audio-richard-e.html

  37. There are tall people in the Democratic party?

  38. There are some, yes.

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