Obama VP Prediction

Things are moving pretty fast on Sonoran Alliance so here’s another post to express your opinion. Last year, I predicted that Obama would pick Clinton as his VP and that was before he even secured the nomination. From what I can tell, her name is still a possibility. My premise was that he needed to keep the party together in order to take on the Republican nominee. Now it’s your turn to predict who Obama will choose and why.

Don’t worry, we’ll also give you an opportunity to predict McCain’s running mate before he announces.


  1. I’m pleased Biden’s out, as I could not have (and will not) if it was just a dodge by Biden) support any ticket with him on it (both due the plaigarism thing and Biden’s championing of the odious and un-Constitutional RAVE Act).

    I think it’s down to Sebelius and Richardson, and possibly Chuck Hagel. I would love to see Hagel, actually… It would be an audacious, unifying choice.

    And it’ll be the perfect setup for Colin Powell to endorse Barack.

  2. If Obama chooses Sebelius, the Hillary Clinton supporters are going to implode. My guess is he will go safe with Evan Bayh from Indiana.

  3. If Obama picks anyone other than Clinton, he loses, perhaps badly.

    Seblius or Tim Kaine would be especially bad choices. Polling has shown a hypothetical McCain/Romney matchup up double digits over an Obama/Kain ticket in Michigan.

    I just hope the Obamamanics keep up the Hillary hate for a few more days.

  4. Obama doesn’t need Hillary Clinton to win. In fact, she’d be a drag on his ticket.

    It’ll likely be Tim Kaine, but I’m hoping for an out-of-nowhere choice.

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