Obama Appeals to Immature Ignorant Voters

Here is the latest video in which Barack Obama alludes to Sarah Palin as a pig.


What is most disturbing is the reaction of the crowd. Look at the people laughing at Obama’s reference. At this point in the campaign, even Obama’s supporters are “wallowing in the mud.”


  1. Where does he allude to Palin? The only person he could be alluding to based on the context is John McCain. However, that seems rather doubtful as this is an old saying which has nothing to do with calling actual people pigs. This is really a reach.

  2. Todd,

    He said “lipstick” not “chapstick.”

  3. That’s why the vetting process of a campaign is so important: so we can get a good look at the candidates. We’re now getting a good look at Barack Obama and his lipstick is starting to wear off.

  4. …as is his Christianity vis a vis “my Muslim faith”.

  5. Obama is not some enightened change agent, he and his ilk are a bunch of tired old elitists in a new outfit and if you’re not enlightened in the same way that they are, you are some backward bitter redneck yokel riff raff clinging to religion and firearms.

    Obama and Biden’s lipstick has come off and what we’ve got left….SOOOIEEE!

  6. get a sense of humor people…..

  7. 85000000,

    Are you trying to say that if McCain had made some remark using “call a spade a spade” or “the pot calling the kettle black” idioms that the entire liberal media establishment and every liberal organization wouldn’t come unglued?

  8. Bull’s Eye, DSW! Or is that a masculine-type slur?

  9. DSW–Exactly. You beat me to it.

    There are lots of sayings that Obama could have used to make his point “if it walks like a duck and quack like a duck, it’s a duck” or even some clever variation on “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. No, he chose that line on purpose and revealed something about his state of mind in the process: he’s mad that McCain/Palin is stealing his spotlight.

  10. Can we get back to the issues and I won’t talk about what McCain called his wife and what he said about Chelsea….

  11. I hate to point this out but it is hard for mcCain to jump on this when he used the same exact reference when talking about Hillary Clinton…. He needs to let the media take care of this, they have plenty of coverage on it already.

    I think this is kind of a stretch and is the kind of thing that is not going to win you any points with voters.

  12. So when McCain described Hillary Clinton’s recent healthcare plan in the same fashion he was actually calling Clinton a pig. Where is the outrage for that? Gimme a break people, you are grasping at straws.


  13. Hey Barack:

    I OINK and I VOTE!

  14. Everyone is so busy looking at the lipstick reference they are not paying attention to the full metaphorical remarks in context. It gets worse and it was not a simple use of an already well worn phrase.

    His first reference was the “lipstick on a pig” but he is on a roll and immediately follows it up with an “old fish” in new wrapping “still stinks” statement as the crowd hoots and hollers.

    One, two; he got ‘em both! Purposeful and meant to conjure mental images and sentiments.

  15. Yup, I’ve got my mental image and that image is of Barack Obama losing the election.

  16. Well, considering how many pork barrels Palin brought home to Alaska, maybe the pig reference is apropos.

  17. Here is my prediction about what will happen in the next months.

    After press scrutiny and some real public gaffes, pressure will build in the Republican leadership for McCain to ask Palin to withdraw as VP. McCain will eventually succumb and this will disaffect a large number of the base and cause a huge divide in the Republican party.

  18. Todd,

    What parallel universe are you living in?!? After Biden’s remarks today, I think you have if totally bass ackward. If anyone thinks the VP choice was a mistake it is Joe Biden! Sounds like the Dems are having some serious VP remorse. I even wrote on this a couple of weeks ago. The Dems blew it and now they’re scrambling to figure out how to get their game back. I would not be surprised if Biden withdrawls and Hillary gets pulled at the last minute. Sarah Palin has ignited this party and revived it beyond anyone’s expectations! I haven’t seen Republicans this fired up about anything since 1994.

  19. DSW–agreed on your last sentence: this galvanized the party in a way it hasn’t been in a long while. The Dems might not like it but the GOP loves it and I suspect that the indys like McCain-Palin a lot more than they liked McCain-TBD a couple of weeks ago. What appeal does Biden bring to the independent voter?

  20. Todd,
    You’re an idiot.
    Even Biden questions Obamas judgement. He is now saying that Hilary would have been a better pick. And he is saying it publicly.
    Obama continues to unravel. He is now completely committed to show up to rallys with his sleaves rolled up so he can look more like the common man that he is so unlike.
    The dems will get more shrill and soon start blaming each other about who screwed this up so badly.
    Since Obama doesnt have much substance and little staying power to see this through, he is done. He was banking on the star power and glitz of hollywood support and that is all played out and now voters are thinking – Maybe we better pick a president that can do the job and not turn to Forrest Whitaker and Jason Alexander for backup (very funny music video, i think it was meant to be serious, but…)

  21. Todd, I think it’s past your bedtime.

  22. I feel like the McCain camp is keeping Gov. Palin in bubble wrap to minimize risk of her uttering “Alaskaisms” – things that might not sound quite right in the lower 48. Let Sarah be Sarah, and then let’s decide if Todd is right or wrong, you foot stampers. But right now, she is being kept in a glass case.

  23. Hey – I think the Biden choice was a big mistake and I never said in my prediction that I though Obama would win – I think it is likely the Dems will blow it. I am just stating what I think is going to with the GOP.

    Oh and Maximus, it is not very nice to call other people idiots, especially when the rest of your post makes arguments against things I never said. Maybe you should work on your reading comprehension.

  24. Well, he had to do it, to cover for his first run at lipsticked pig. He couldn’t (previously) feign WTF with credibility otherwise.

    Will he continue this line? It’s not helping his polling numbers.

  25. Oh, and he continues the unattributed use of Tom Tole’s riff about other than this and that. He and Joe Biden have much in common.

  26. todd #18: LOL! You so funny! If a VP selection should “fall ill”, look to your own.

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