NY and LA Times endorse, WAPO covers the news

While the NY Times and LA Times were busy endorsing John McCain a Washington Post writer was in Arizona actually covering the story.

update – Rasmussen said it would release Arizona poll number later today. Nothing yet but here is the link.


  1. Here’s an article condemning the Mack’s war on pork!


    But he’s not conservative enough for you because he does not want an immediate round up of 12 million people – some of which keep the lettuce from rotting in Yuma, cleaned up your table and hotel stay in Tucson and built your house that you can’t sell in Mesa.

    And none of this has anything to do with the border.

    When are you people going to face facts? You are killing our party! Your destructive and irresponsible emotionalism will ensure the continued succession of democrats to national power for decades. The effects of your demogoguery will take our country on the same path traversed by Gray Davis’ California.

    You are killing the Reagan Revolution! WAKE UP ARIZONA!

  2. The senator is so fond of big city liberal newspapers we wanted to see what they were saying about Arizona.

    If McCain is so passionate about pork why don’t we have the McCain-Coburn spending cut law instead of McCain-Fiengold?

  3. Pat,

    Didi you even read the article on pork?

  4. Oh please. That article made the anti-McCain folks look even worse than they are! Did you read the whole thing, a woman with a TB mask and she puts it on when a Hispanic man walks near? How many people will read that, and think words like “racist”, “bigot”, “ignorant” and “fool”?

    I’m sure the crowd felt it was a huge exclamation point to their cause. It was.

    If I knew nothing about this and read that article, I’d think it was a far fledged bunch of wing-nuts.

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