NW Tucson update

     Several legislative candidates had their volunteers filling up one signature sheet after another at polling locations. Supporters had to eventually pack it in because of the cold and because all their sheets were full.

     There was a strong showing by Gabrielle Giffords supporters but no sign of Tim Bee supporters according to multiple sources on the Northwest side.


  1. kralmajales says


  2. Giffords raked in a stack of signature sheets. I would say at the minimum 150 and perhaps as many as 200. She easily collected 2000 names most of which will be valid because they were primary voters.

    Bee is going up against a finely honed machine that does not slip. Signature collectors were treated to free food and a reception at HQ where everyone got to address her as well as interact one on one. HQ already has computers, phone bank, six college interns, office manager, and all necessary supplies/furniture removed from storage since last time.

    A McCain Hillary race gives Bee a slight boost, but it’s like giving a shove to a Cessna trying to catch an F-16.

    I know Bee’s a smart, experienced, decent guy, but I wonder if he really gets what he’s going up against. Her volunteers are legion.

  3. Prudent-Man says

    Well, I for one was one of about 25 folks who volunteered to collect signatures for Tim Bee. I was on the east side of town, so I wouldn’t know about the NW. Lots of folks knew about Tims run, which is great name recognition and shows folks are aware of the race. Shame Keith’s supporters aren’t helping his brother collect signatures. The Gabby person had a good take but left before I did.

  4. x4mr,

    You are so out of it. Didn’t you read that the Republicans also had a party at HQ.

  5. Kralmajales says

    X4mer is more than right about her campaign. In the last run, some supporters of Weiss tried to argue her campaign was all money and all talk. I have never seen a better organized campaign…the contact voters one at a time…over and over. It is like being beaten one small lick at a time.

    If Bee doesn’t have the money…and NO ONE here is talking about his paltry showing in fundraising…and he doesn’t have the volunteers…then he should truly hang it up.

    As I have said all along. Getting beat by Giffords is far far worse for him and his political future than not running, being patient, and waiting for the next opportunity to come along.

    The best that a defeat to Giffords can mean for Bee is a nice pat on the back and a slot in the party…which he should get anyway from the service he has given it.

  6. Walt Stephenson says

    Nice try folks but your cork doesn’t float. We were on the East and Northeast side collecting signatures. The only people we saw were ours and Obama’s and we didn’t have to serve food or drink to get our 340 signatures for Tim. Gabby was missing in action.

    I understand Gabby refuse’s to debate Tim. That is a very intelligent decision on her campaign managers part as Senator Bee is much more knowledgeable on the issues. Her only hope is that her campaign manager try’s to con Tim into letting him debate in Gabby’s place as he did last time she ran.

    As long as Gifford’s can continue to abuse our tax dollars by franking ten’s of thousands of dollars on her political ads she doesn’t need any campaign money.

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