NRSC Launches Volume 3 Of The Carmona Files: Richard Carmona’s Resume

Includes Bullying Colleagues, Being Fired And Suing His Former Employer 

WASHINGTON – Throughout the past year, Richard Carmona has constantly misled voters about his so-called impeccable resume, but today the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) released the third volume of the “Carmona Files,” which reveals that throughout his career Carmona has consistently bullied his colleagues, has been fired from his job and has tried to sue his former employer.

While it’s been well documented that Carmona does not work well with others and that he makes insensitive jokes towards women, it’s been forgotten that Carmona has consistently been removed from various jobs.

Carmona has been dismissed from the Tucson Medical Center, forced to resign from the Pima County Health System and was never re-nominated to be Surgeon General. And when he leaves, he has sued these healthcare facilities, which diverts millions of dollars that could otherwise be used on patient care.

“Richard Carmona loves to brag about his resume, but what he doesn’t tell you is that on numerous occasions he has bullied his colleagues, been fired for his actions and then proceeds to sue his former employer,” National Republican Senatorial Committee Executive Director Rob Jesmer said today. “This is a critical election for our country, and Arizonans deserve to know who the real Richard Carmona is.” 

The Carmona Files is an ongoing conversation and series informing voters about Richard Carmona the Democrat nominee for the U.S. Senate in Arizona. Please visit – – to view “Women in the Workplace,” and “Medical Malpractice.”


Richard Carmona Is Not A Team Player

  • “Dr. Carmona is not a team player. Dr. Carmona, within 6 or 8 months, had burned bridges everywhere.” (Committee on Oversight And Government Reform, U.S. House of Representatives, Testimony Of Cristina Beato, 11/2/07)
  • Carmona Colleague: “Never in my entire medical career have I seen such gross interference by a hospital administrator without the slightest attempt to reach a cooperative understanding.” (“Squaring Off Over Nominee,” Los Angeles Times, 7/8/02)

Richard Carmona’s Employment History 

  • Fired By Tucson Medical Center: “He was dismissed as director of Tucson Medical Center’s trauma center in 1993.” (“Bush Picks Tucsonan To Be Surgeon General,” The Arizona Daily Star, 3/27/02)
  • Forced Out Of Pima County Job: “The embattled head of the Pima health care system offered his resignation on the eve of a board of supervisors meeting at which he might have been fired.” (The Associated Press, 7/13/99)
  • Failed To Get Renominated As Surgeon General: “It is unclear who decided Carmona’s time as Surgeon General is over.” (“U.S. Surgeon General To Return To Tucson After Four-Year Term,” The Arizona Daily Star, 8/1/06)

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  1. Conservative American says

    Let’s compare the resumes of Jeff Flake and Dr. Richard Carmona!

    Dr. Carmona enlisted in the military. Jeff Flake did not enlist and has never served in the military.

    Dr. Carmona joined the Army’s Special Forces. Jeff Flake went on a Mormon Mission to Africa.

    Dr. Carmona was in combat. Jeff Flaked worked as a lobbyist for Rossing Uranium.

    Dr. Carmona was awarded two Bronze Stars and two Purple Hearts. Jeff Flake secured the endorsement of the Chamber of Commerce.

    The above article talks about Dr. Carmona being “fired”. Jeff Flake was fired too! Flake was kicked off of the House Judiciary Committee by the Republican House leadership for “bad behavior”!

    The above article talks about Dr. Carmona not being renominated as Surgeon General. Jeff Flake has not been reappointed to the House Judiciary Committee by the Republican House leadership!

    The above article links to attempted character assassination by Cristina Beato who the Flake campaign trotted out as the Anita Hill of their campaign. The Flake campaign continues to push this video despite the fact that they know, absolutely, that Beato has no credibility whatsoever! What does the Flake campaign already know about Cristina Beato?

    “Cristina V. Beato was named last July as assistant secretary of health, one of the top policy officials at the Department of Health and Human Services, but has yet to explain several discrepancies regarding her credentials. These include claims that she served as medical attache at the U.S. Embassy in Turkey, received a master’s degree in public health from the University of Wisconsin, “established” an occupational health clinic at the University of New Mexico and published a scientific paper on inert gases.”

    “At several institutions listed on Beato’s résumé, officials said they could find no evidence of her service, while former colleagues at the University of New Mexico and an affiliated hospital in Albuquerque disputed assertions she made, saying at a minimum she had puffed up her role in several projects.”

    “Former colleagues in Albuquerque were most surprised by Beato’s assertions that she was “one of the principal leaders who revolutionized medical education in American universities by implementing the Problem Based Learning curriculum.” The curriculum was developed while Beato was in medical school.”

    “That’s an exaggeration,” said Gary Rosenberg, chairman of the neurology department at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, the university’s hospital system.”

    “In several instances, Beato’s résumé is vague. Under professional experience, she lists “medical consultant” at the Technical-Vocational Institute and Presbyterian Senior Health Spectrum in Albuquerque and a 12-year relationship with the Sheet Metal Workers in Washington. None of the organizations has any record on Beato, nor do officials at the State Department, who said they have never heard term “medical attache.”

    “Under educational experience, Beato lists: “successful candidate, occupational medicine, MPH (master’s of public health), University of Wisconsin, 1995.” A university spokeswoman said the school does not offer such a degree.”

    “Yet even Beato’s friends said it appears that she gave herself extra credit on her résumé.”

    “At the All Faiths Receiving Home in Albuquerque, Executive Director Steve Johnson praised Beato as a dedicated volunteer physician who provided basic care to the abused and neglected. But she was not the medical director, as her résumé states, he added.”

    “William Wiese, director of the Institute for Public Health at the University of New Mexico, said it was inaccurate for Beato to say she had “established” the school’s occupational health clinic. “The clinic existed before she was hired. There was another medical director before her,” he said.”

    “Similarly, he said, Beato’s description of the clinic as a “one-stop comprehensive care for 13,000 employees” is an exaggeration. But Wiese said Beato was a good administrator and teacher.”

    Beato claimed on her resume to have a Master’s of Public Health degree from the University of Wisconsin but the U. of W. doesn’t even offer such a degree! She claimed that she served as a “medical attache” at the U. S. Embassy in Turkey but the State Department has no record of Beato and has never heard of the term “medical attache”!

    The shameful thing is that the Flake campaign is well aware of these facts and yet continues to allow Beato’s comments to be used in the attempted character assassination of Dr. Carmona! That speaks clearly to the character, or lack thereof, of the Flake campaign and we have to ask if we want someone like Flake, who would stoop to such a thing, to be promoted to U. S. Senator from Arizona!

  2. Patiopattie says

    All the supposed “facts” about Dr. Carmona which are in this “article” have been explained and disproved aready, several times. The GOP is simply running scared. They have a record of serious background holes and missteps by Flake which they hope to veil with attempts at character assassination. Give it up guys, it’s too late!

  3. Jeff McFlake should have quit after 3 terms like he promised. He is no more a truth teller than McLiar the traitor. We need to get rid of the career politician now or we will have another McCain never holding a private sector job in his life. We will never get rid of the pensions and the per diems they pay themselves. We will never make Congress live in the real world and only pass laws that are actually in the Federal Government pervue.

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