Now We Are Getting To Know The Real Ben Quayle

Ben Quayle “Rents Family” for Campaign Mail Pieces; Inconsistencies Abound

On Tuesday, the Arizona Capitol Times broke news about Quayle renting a family for his mail pieces. The story is entitled: “Quayle mailers not actually what meets the eye.” When pressed for an answer about the children, Quayle spokesman Damon Moley said “the campaign is trying to present Quayle as a family man.” Moley responded, “I think you guys have got a lot of time on your hands.”

The article can be read in its entirety here. The story has now gone national. Today The Washington Post linked to the Capital Times story. Meanwhile, a highly read and influential Republican blog,, wrote an article titled “Ben Quayle Not the Right Choice For GOP in AZ CD3”, the reporter lays out a basic skeleton of who Ben Quayle really is.

“Ben is a 33 year-old attorney who has a resume like most every person who went to good schools and has less than 10 years of working experience: he could be a future star, or he could be a lightweight. But his career to date has been undistinguished (and even nonexistent with respect to public policy and politics) save for who his father is. Ben recently planted himself back in Arizona (the NY Times reports he has never voted in a local election in the state) and was virtually unknown in the states GOP circles.”

The question remains what else in Ben Quayle’s campaign is less than accurate?

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  1. squareforceone says

    I actually know Ben. Those girls are his nieces.

  2. Willy Kristol says

    Look, a lot of campaigns use stock photos for their mail pieces. This is beyond that level of acceptability because Ben is trying to make people think he is something that he isn’t: a father or family man. He’s a boy who just got married a few months ago and has had FIVE jobs in SIX years. Hardly Ward Cleaver.

    Ben’s trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the voters of CD3. Will it work? Maybe. We’ll find out in just a few weeks.

  3. Looks like the Quayle campaign is also renting people who “actually know Ben.”

  4. yeah i saw a staffer comment on his facebook that they are his nieces… but to me it doesnt change that he is misrepresenting himself… he is trying to show he is a family man when he has no family besides his wife… It just makes him lose credibility, although i am not sure how much he had in the first place

  5. Michael Holliday says

    Sad that Ben’s first political outing is rife with weaseldome. Reminds me of Bush hiding the “made in China” stamp on boxes so nobody would see them.

    Please, just stop the manipulation already. Aren’t there any authentic people left to go into politics? Does everything have to be a calculated attempt to manipulate the voters?

    Poor guy needs to get out into the real world for a while and perhaps join the military.

    I feel more qualified than Ben to be in politics.

    I just sense wishy washy political gibberish.

    We are in an era where you need to put your cards on the table and let the chips fall where they may. We’re in the decay phase of our civilization and need some powerful men and women of substance to rise to the occasion.

    We all had enough of McCain style manipulative politics. It’s dividing and weakening this nation and setting us on the path of total ruin.

    Enough elitism already. Why don’t you do something besides politics, Ben? You’re not entitled to a cushy political life by default. This isn’t an Aristocracy or Oligarchy…or is it?

  6. Lol. Only a loser like Vernon Parker would go after a guy spending time with his nieces! Vernon stop already, you have way too many skeletons in your own closet to think a stupid PR piece like this will make a difference. Not surprising coming from a guy who uses Taser International as his money bags.

    Let’s open the door to Vernon’s closet now:

  7. VoiceInTheWild says

    Great mailer today by Parker …

    Quayle – 5 jobs in 6 years
    Quayle – has not voted in a local election

    Money may buy you happiness, but maybe not an election.

  8. @ 6, why do you keep using a source that is a far left employment union? Oh that’s right, because no one else will pick up such a twisted version of the facts.

    Also, you probably shouldn’t contain a link that has only one person (you) on a message board. Talking to yourself (especially for a whole month) makes you look like a crazy person.

  9. LOL! How does someone “rent” his own nieces? These attacks on Quayle are humorus in their increasing pathetic nature.

    And what is the substantiation of the “5 jobs in 6 years” line? I don’t buy it at all. Especially since posts here have flat out lied in the past about when Quayle passed the Arizona bar, etc.

    Can anyone give me the exact jobs and the supposed dates of employment?

    My guess they are counting things like the voluntary boards he been on, etc. that aren’t his primary job…

  10. Check out his own LinkedIn Profile:

  11. Quayle is a waste. If he wins he will be another John Rhodes Jr. Have you seen his new ad? Hi i am Dan Quayle’s son, elect me because of my dad even though i look like some punk kid from Brophy.

    We elect him and AZ really will be embarrassed.

  12. If it was not for a last name, this would be the biggest joke of the 2010 Arizona elections. There is only one thing that 9 out of the 10 people running for this spot agree on, Ben Quayle has zero business in this race.

  13. “Check out his own LinkedIn Profile:

    I only see four posted and the last one of them is for just over three years. What is job number 5?

    Plus, it’s not like those are joke jobs either. And one he obviously left to move back to Arizona.

    Also, how many jobs has Vernon Parker had over the past six years? I know of at least three (maybe four) and that is not counting being a city councilman or a mayor as a “job”.

    As I said before, I wouldn’t vote for Quayle if I lived in lived in that Congressional district. But these attacks that try and paint Quayle as some kind of jobless loser are pathetic, sorry, and lame. His opponents need to run on why they are better instead of whining about Quayle not “deserving” to be in the race. Otherwise they will only have themselves to blame if he gets elected.

  14. @VSB

    I actually agree with you, and was not the one who said he had 5 jobs. It is annoying that all of the Quayle haters can’t get on the same page. I did not vote for Quayle because, among other things, he has not lived in the state that long. That was the point I was trying to make with posting his LinkedIn profile.
    After one day of everybody picking on Quayle I’m tired of it. Really guys, this is just the primary, some of us are going to have to get along afterwards…

  15. Quayle defends his nieces against liberal smears by MSNBC and Vernon Parker:

  16. I’m thinking of using my cousins dog and kids for my flyers for when I run. Good idea?

  17. Chambray Dixon says

    Um…what about the blonde kids on the porch swing in his ADD inspired tv commercial? More relatives or are those the campaign worker’s kids originally mentioned?

  18. What about the old lady in Jim Waring’s mailer? She was looking at him all lovingly and it clearly insinuated it was his grandmother, but I know her and she’s a PC in 7 and she’s not related to Jim at all! This is an outrage!

    Come on people. Grow up for two seconds. This same hit could be used against almost every candidate.

    What about Vernon’s mailer with HW Bush? That certainly has insinuations about Bush’s support…the same Bush who endorsed Quayle. So, Vernon can get lock arms with MSNBC and throw mud balls all he wants, but he’s doing the exact same thing Quayle is. Maybe he should spend some time explaining to us why he committed fraud and cheated tax payers out of $1.2 million instead of going after his opponent’s dog and nieces.

  19. The other 8 candidates in the race says

    YES! That’s it! Fight amongst yourselves!

  20. You can tell the Quayle staffers have become more irritated through the night as they’ve had to go on every comment board to defend their boss. Hope BQ is paying you kids OT. Oh, I’m sorry, “volunteers”.

  21. his was a silly attack that diminishes Vernon Parker, not Ben Quayle. Given Ben’s well publicized and recent marriage earlier this year no unbiased observer would think the children were meant to depict Ben’s own children. That the girls turn out to be his nieces — extended family — only makes Parker’s ill founded charge more obnoxious.

    One of Ben’s big strengths is his ability to identify with and attract younger, often independent voters, whom the conservative movement will need in the fall election. Preserving America for people of Ben’s generation and children yet to follow is a high priority for conservatives. We can’t bequeath this level of national debt to them and expect them to prosper. Ben is a better choice than many of the standard issue politicians looking to step up to the next higher office.

  22. If by attracting young voters you mean he has a lot of facebook friends according to his site.

    Not sure how that translates to primary votes, but we will see. Big difference between Ben and other candidates is that he is talking about what he will (hopefully) do, versus what others have done and will continue to do.

  23. if i were Ben Quayle says

    I used to live in AZ but had to move out of state for work, I have been following this race very closely as it concerns my hometown district. I’ve noticed that Ben has been hit by every candidate but has not retaliated once. I have a lot of respect for that but if I were him I’d respond with something like this:

    “I’m Ben Quayle. My friends ask why would you ever run for Congress and subject yourself to the lies and smears of professional politicians? Tiffany and I recently got married. Like most new families we plan kids of our own. Our three-year old nieces owed $x to the govt the day they were born. That’s bad enough. Thanks to President Obama and the Democratic Congress, my nieces future cousin if born in two years, will owe double that. If we follow President Obama’s so-called budget for five more years, it’s triple. Politicians of both parties aren’t renting my family’s future, they’re borrowing from all of America’s kids, even those not yet born, and stealing their future. It’s unsustainable and has to stop. I love my family enough to want to change Congress. I will protect the future and restore the promise of America!

    I am honestly tired of the Sam Crumps and Jim Warings of the AZ GOP. Both of them have ran for multiple seats just in this election cycle, what a joke! Plus, they can’t excite the voters and revive the grassroots. We need some young, energetic and intelligent new leaders. I hope that can be Ben Quayle.

  24. open your eyes CD3 says

    I agree, time for some fresh faces in the Arizona Republican party. All of the other viable candidates have way too much baggage. I guess all they could dig up on Ben was that he used his brother’s kids in a campaign mailer. Let me enlighten you:

    Parker: used affirmative action to ask for a government handout.. was found guilty of ethical violations and FRAUD by a Republican appointed Inspector General. Ya, I would really love to send another corrupt politician to DC. NOT!

    Waring: Could not even stand up to Napalitano, she got him to vote for her budgets.. can we believe that he can stand up to BO in DC.. NOPE! Plus he has never had a private sector job in his life and is currently unemployed, no wonder he can knock on so many doors.

    Moak: Drug tests his children every 2 minutes. Used a non-profit company as a way to get rich. What a slime ball!

    Gorman: is not the Arizona version of Palin, even though she thinks she is. Voted for property tax increases and for Napalitano’s budgets. Don’t trust her in DC!

    Crump: Runs for something different every day. I thought he was set on Attorney General? I’m not wasting anymore time on this guy. He’ll probably get 2% of the vote.

    Morris: Husband is on the board of Planned Parenthood, and she also loves tax increases, enough said.

    It’s obvious why they are attacking Ben. They all wish they were as squeaky clean and polished as him.

    You’re welcome for the reality check!

  25. Squeaky clean and polished?? Is that why he’s the only person on the planet who’s history has been wiped clean on the internet. He either lived in a cave or, wait a minute – I’m sure his dad took care of that too.

    Maybe Ben needs to stop pointing out how young he is as a qualification to run for office – he’s alienating many older voters. I would think his “staff” would have educated him on the majority demographic that votes in primaries.

  26. If quayle freaks out about stuff like this getting all upset and making basic mistakes like this add what will happen if the DCCC decides to jump in this race and help out hilburd or whatever his name is…

  27. open your eyes CD3 says

    PC in LD6:

    I’m guessing you are part of the establishment that this party needs to get rid of. You probably only vote for old white guys and shut out any younger hopefuls because you think that you are so much smarter and wiser than they are. What happens 10 years from now? What will the Republican Party look like then? Will it even exist 20 years from now?

    The GOP has done a horrible job of reaching out to the youth. Can you tell me why this is? We have the right message of liberty, freedom, low taxes, etc. But as soon as we get a young candidate who is very well educated and has experience in the business world, we tear him down. We tear him down in order to elect a 50+ year old, career politician. When are we going to learn that we need to invest in our future? There is no better time than the present to start a conservative movement in the new generation, on our college campuses and elsewhere. We have the winning message, Ben Qualye has the winning message!

    It’s sad that we would rather concern ourselves with a stupid mail piece. Whoever is leading this attack obviously has no concern for the conservative movement and has a severe lack of principles!

  28. Quayle supporters are starting to sound like Obama supporters…

  29. How does a call for young conservative leaders sound like Obama supporters? That makes absolutely no sense at all.

    The previous generations have really screwed things up in the country. Both Democrats and Republicans have put us trillions of dollars in debt. It’s time for my generation to take to step up and fix what the “baby boomers” screwed up. Move aside please. It’s time for some liberty loving, fically responsible young guns to take on the challenge!

  30. WE NEED NEW LEADERS!!! In the STATE Legislature!

  31. A New Hope says

    I truly do not understand the incessant need for candidates and their followers to attack – not on the merits or their convictions, not on their stances or their political background – but attack their families and friends. Mr. Quayle has done nothing wrong by implying a love for his family by this mailer. I’m sure he only meant to convey his intention to ensure that these values are recognized as core to him personally.
    I have seen and received multiple papers attacking Ben. Yet I have not seen one flyer, nor have I received one mailer, denouncing another candidate. I must applaud him for not stooping to the level of his opponents to criticize other candidates through their mailers.

  32. This conversation has grown stale. Here is a video of a baby eating a watermelon from the inside out.

  33. PC in LD6 says

    open your eyes – I’m actually quite young, just better educated than most my age.
    I think Quayle’s a decent guy and I have met him a number of times, just needs a little experience and a record before joining congress.
    Now is not the time to play a guessing game, our situation in this country is too important to hope he votes the right way.
    We need to know what we’re getting before Jan.

  34. TrueAZConservative says

    really?: The analogy applies perfectly in Quayle’s situation. People voted for Obama based on everything but his record…because he did not have much of a record. He was in the Senate for only a brief period before he ran for president. In Quayle’s case, he has not run for anything, and there is no proof, besides his word, that we are getting the type of candidate that he is making himself out to be. Hopefully, the people learned their lesson after Obama that we need people with records to show how they will act when in power.

    And as for New Hope: Quayle has recently went on the attack against other candidates, including Vernon Parker. So don’t think that he is somehow “above” pointing out facts that are not noteworthy of other candidates.

    Finally, Quayle might be a great guy, but that doesn’t make him qualified to be in Congress. And in this political climate, we need someone in Congress who will be a fighter, and who was a proven record of conservatism…not someone who has a lot of money and a famous last name.

  35. In the HBO special Likely Stories Vol. 3, made in the 1980s, there is a segment called “The Selling of Vince D’Angelo” about a crooked businessman turned politician. At one point they attempt to make a commercial of the entire family. Eventually, when efforts with D’Angelo’s real family prove disastrous, they hire a blond haired, blue eyed “family” to stand in for D’Angelo’s own.

    That is the very first thing that came to mind when I read about Ben Quayle.

    “The Selling of Vince D’Angelo” should be mandatory viewing for all people of voting age.

  36. I found it on YouTube, but it is Volume 2, and not 3.

    Part 1 seems to be having difficulties, but part 2 started to play with no problems. IIRC, the segment of the story with the rent-a-family is in part 1, so the fact that it is not playing is “highly significant” (to quote Radar O’Reilly).

    The Selling of Vince D’Angelo, part 1:

    The Selling of Vince D’Angelo, part 2:

    I strongly urge everyone to watch Likely Stories, Vol. 2, particularly “The Selling of Vince D’Angelo” and “School, Girls, and You”.

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