Now Scarpinato hates McCain?

Read it for yourself.


  1. I think the article is trying to sell newspapers. Everything they do is with that goal in mind.

  2. McCain is toast. Voters are contrasting him with the McCain so enthusiatically pimped to them in 2000 and seeing an ugly, expedient transformation. His hypocrisy, coupled with the backlash from the Right due to his stance on immigration, has ensured his defeat. I think he’ll drop out before Iowa.

    Edwards is reaping the same whirlwind on the Democratic side. Although he has been very detail-oriented and thoughtful when crafting policy proposals, his stump presence in debates and speeches makes him sound like a 21st century William Jennings Bryan, which stands in stark contrast to the sunny centrist he portrayed himself as in 2004 and in the Senate. It smells and looks fishy to voters and the media, which is the main reason his campaign is also waning.

    Of striking interest to me is how Romney has pretty efectively dealt with his own flip-flopping on a myriad of issues. He can even posture as a hunter and it doesn’t seem to affect him the way McCain and Edwards are tarred by their own inconsistencies. The guy gives new meaning to the term “Teflon” and his early leads in Iowa and New hampshire, along with his personal fortune and prodigious fundraising network make him, in my mind, the man to beat on the GOP side.

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