Not over yet.

     The Senate has voted to proceed on the immigration bill. Senator Kyl and former presidential candidate McCain both voted to proceed with the immigration bill.

     (Too bad Bush never lobbied this hard when he had a chance to get social security reform through the Republican congress.)


  1. BetrayedCitizen says

    Jon Kyl has let us down yet again. When is he going to listen? Face it, he thinks we are ignorant and just here for him to use us when he wants to.

  2. God Help us. I am pained for the generations to come who will have to deal with the full ramifications of this bill. I am done with the GOP. When I was younger I thought my vote didn’t count. Now I KNOW my vote doesn’t count.

  3. PartyGuy says

    I’m not done with the GOP, I’m just done with fake Republicans, RINOs and the rest. I’m supporting real Republicans only. Forget the RNC, I’m supporting the State Party. Forget Flake, Kyl and McCain, I’ll help Russell Pearce, Ron Gould, and the rest of the good Republicans.

    It is time to stand strong and stand FOR something.

  4. sato4gop says


    I agree with you in theory, I figured McCain out before this past election, but I had thought Kyl was a real Republican. So how am supposed to know before I send my money, volunteer at the phone banks or vote for them?

    As for the RNC, after the last fiasco in CD8, I wear my pin UPSIDE DOWN.

  5. I hear you Sato, and I’m not sure that we can ever tell completely. But Kyl also voted for the Brady Bill back in the day, so from time to time he gets stupid! Is he great the rest of the time? Sure. Does that make his stupid votes forgiveable? Not this time.

    But I think we can trust the Ron Goulds and Russell Pearces to do the right thing. Our state party has stood tall and done the right thing. There are plenty of good people to keep helping and working for.

    I care too much to leave the battlefield and I hope you do too!

  6. Senator Kyl did not vote for the Brady Bill. It was signed into law on November 30, 1993. Senator Kyl wasn’t elected until a year later and he didn’t take office until 1995.

  7. Oro Valley Dad says

    According to the information I found at an anti-gun web site Representative Kyl voted against the Brady Bill in November 1993.

    Please remember that Kyl voted against cloture on the immigration bill on June 7th (thus stopping the bill at that point.) He did it once, maybe he will do it again. Stay engaged and call one more time. It’s not over yet.

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