Not going away.


     The Republican governors primary is like watching one of the Alien movies. No matter how Len Munsil tries to define him into obscurity, Don Goldwater keeps coming back.  

     The latest resurrection from the political grave is Don filing his clean election forms. No, he did not get as many as Len and yes it took forever. He still was able to submit enough to have a 10% margin of error. If he gets the money in a reasonable amount of time and survives a legal challenge by Mike Harris, Don will be in a very competitive position. When you are already leading in the polls a check for over $450,000 is always helpful. 

     I read somewhere that the Clean Election funds are not enough to run a statewide race. A targeted 15 or 30 second radio campaign around the state by Don would really make sense. Don could define himself and communicate pre-tested messages. It will be interesting to see how he spends his money. He will not have much time. 

     The other campaigns can say what they want about him but Goldwater is very much still in the race


  1. District 8 Goldwater supporter says

    Don is no Barry, there is no doubt about that. But he does have positive name ID which is one thing Len Muncil does not.

    Sure Len has some support among Christian conservatives and it may be enough to get him through a low turnout GOP Primary but he can’t win a General Election. Do you really think women and Moderate Republicans will support Len. Serriously! Won’t happen! Not in a year when we get NO BUMP from our President! (JD is right….stay out of the state)

    In fact, I am not a betting man, but if I were I wouldn’t even put money on him to place. You heard it here. …39%. And with numbers like that he helps no one. Close legislative races could be sunk because of his poor showing, We could also very well lose the 8th CD. JD’s seat not to mention John Kyl in a sprint to the finish.

    Len is far to divisive. His history of bashing gays, public employees and the less fortunate in society is too well recorded. Len’s own strident words will come back to haunt him….all of which means, four more years of Janet.

    All of which means we could do worse than having Don goldwater at the top of our ticket. MUCH WORSE!

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    “think women and Moderate Republicans will support Len.” Why is it assumed (incorrectly) that women are never social conservatives. Sure the percentages may be different but the fairer sex can still be hard right. For every woman who has had an abortion and loved it there are a whole bunch out there who cannot fathom the concept or regret theirs. Len will have to compete for votes among all groups and sexes and Don does not have a lock on any one group (except maybe the hard core border crowd.)

    The governor’s race will not impact the CD 8 race. That race will depend a lot on whom is nominated by each party and how well they run their campaigns. When that race gets going the voters of Southern Arizona will not even know there is a statewide race. An open seat is a rarity and the race will create its own reality very separate from the election for governor.

    Kyl is going to stomp on Pederson. Jim will be sorry that he got into the race and someday he will miss all that money that he wasted.

  3. D. Saguaro says

    First, it’s Mun”s”il. Second, when Don strays from his stump speech, it becomes painfully apparent that he is in over his head. Third, Len will do just fine. He’s been in the fight for a long time advocating for conservative issues and can manage what’s coming. The question is, Will all these loyal Don fans be the loyal Republicans they claim to be and support our nominee when it’s not Don??

  4. Oro Valley Dad says


    Don’s people might line up behind Len but I am not sure it matters with Tupper pulling his huge army of supporters out of the pool. How will Munsil recover from such a loss?

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