No show.

     Senator Kyl had been scheduled to phone in a message to the Executive Committee meeting of the Arizona Republican Party for their June 9th meeting in Prescott. The call was cancelled and never took place.

     That same Saturday “Senator Jon Kyl’s office” was scheduled to speak before the Republican LD-26 meeting in NW Tucson. Again a no show and not much of an explanation. Not only is the Senator’s support for the Senate Immigration bill regrettable but now he does not even have the courage to phone in a message 80 of the parties top activists or send a representative to an LD meeting when scheduled.

     Word is that the Senate Immigration bill will be brought up again in the Senate on Thursday of this week. See these links for more information.

     For more on the whole sham of “comprehensive reform” visit Michelle Malkin’s blog. She has gone into overtime covering the flaws of the bill and the whole debate on the issue.

     One questions for Clint Bolick – What is the point of a political party if the county is bankrupt?

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