No Respect for Simcox – Goldwater continues to implode

I just lost a lot of respect for Chris Simcox after he injected himself in the governor’s race and specifically stated that he would prefer Janet Napolitano over Len Munsil if Goldwater loses in the Tuesday Primary. This is being reported on Len Munsil’s website:

Don Goldwater’s campaign manager has admitted they are behind an illegal call today from Minuteman founder Chris Simcox.

The call is illegal because it does not identify in any way who is paying for it. The Goldwater campaign knows the calls are illegal, but apparently does not care.

Moreover, Chris Simcox makes this statement at the end of the call – after attacking me personally, and falsely saying I support amnesty, he says the state would be better off with Janet Napolitano!

That’s right – Don Goldwater’s campaign is now making the claim, in direct violation of Don’s promises to me and to the Republican Party – that they would rather have four more years of Janet Napolitano than elect one of his primary opponents!

I met with Simcox earlier this year, even though he had already committed to Goldwater. He said he appreciated my tough stance on the border, and although he would help Don he would not attack me in any way. He also said the main goal was to defeat Janet Napolitano.

The fact that Don Goldwater is willing to authorize illegal and false attacks late in a political campaign is simply more evidence that he should not be the nominee of the Republican Party.

Over the last two weeks, it has been amazing to watch the Goldwater campaign disintigrate and deteriorate. This is another indicator that Goldwater is in serious trouble and losing ground fast.


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    You have your facts wrong. Or perhaps its not your fault because Len has his facts wrong and you merely serve as a mouthpiece. But I’m officially tired of arguing with you about it… The overall difference between Munsil and Goldwater on most every issue is very small, and in a matter of a few days we’ll be rallying around whoever wins, if that is possible.

    But those of you who continue to crank up the rhetoric to irresponsible levels will bear the responsibility for the two sides should they be unable to come together again in time for November. To read your posts it is clear that Goldwater is a scumbag, unworthy of our respect or vote. Naturally, Goldwater supporters respond in kind about Munsil in order to defend their guy, with the outcome being that no matter who wins, half of us will be convinced that the winner on Election Night is a scumbag, unworthy of our vote. We won’t change our minds in four weeks for early balloting… The damage will linger…

    Janet thanks you…

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    STS is correct. This race is getting down right ugly and the candidates may have done permanent damage to the other.

    My household received a call today from Chris Simcox in support of Don Goldwater. The call stated at the end that it was paid for by the Goldwater campaign.

    As predicted there is a cost associated with McCain’s endorsement. Len Munsil touted the endorsement. He should have expected and known the baggage that travels with McCain.

    I don’t see the Goldwater campaign disintegrating. Quite the opposite. They are scrambling to effectively spend $453,000 before they have to give it back to Clean Elections.

    As far as I can tell the negative tone started with this mailer.

  3. I wouldn’t vote for a guy who’s only public policy experience was facilitating events at the capitol.

    It is very clear that Goldwater is running for office to be someone and NOT to do something. These are the worst kind of candidates.

  4. Too bad Randy Graf can’t run for Governor at the same time that he runs for Congress. Randy is kind of like Super Man. I think that he could do both things at the same time and probably solve world hunger, kill all Islamo-fascists, bring down communism in China, and even figure out who really killed JFK. All in a day’s work of course. Randy probably regrets that he didn’t run for Governor. He’d be the best candidate, and he’d be the one with a proven record to really beat Napolitano on EVERY issue. But once Kolbe decided that he would retire, I think that Graf decided that he probably couldn’t handle the thought of Kolbe picking another liberal whacko a.k.a. Steve Huffman as his replacement. Or even worse, if Randy Graf would have thrown his hat into the Gubernatorial race after Kolbe announced his retirement, maybe Kolbe would have changed his mind. Plus he would have had to figure out what to do with the money that he had already raised for his Congressional run, which he could not use in a statewide campaign, especially if Graf had chosen to use Clean Elections funds.

    Now on a more serious note, I voted for Len Munsil for Governor, but I have to admit that Munsil was the first one to go negative. I got the negative mailer from him a few months back. In voting for Munsil, I made a pragmatic decision here. I looked at the two candidates. I’m perfectly happy with neither of them. I am a religious Conservative, but I wonder how much Munsil’s CAP might be an albatross around his neck with certain Independent voters. Goldwater is mostly just a name, but he has improved dramatically. Yet, his tent city proposal is absurd. Just as Mike Harris saying that he would bring in the National Guard to break up the Pro-Illegal Alien rallies was absurd, Harris’ statement conjured to my mind pictures of the Deep South during the Civil Rights movement and how at least one racist governor used the National Guard against Blacks while they fought for equality down southland. I mean don’t make people start feeling pity for illegal aliens and the fact that they are breaking our laws by making them look like victims. Plus, how would Harris know which marchers were Citizens of the and therefore have the First Amendment right to peaceably assemble and which ones were illegal aliens. So, my advantage to Munsil goes to his ability to debate against our extremely dry and debate-deficient current Governor.

  5. If you think going negative means pointing out someone’s record, or lack thereof, then your skin is paper thin. What Goldwater did with the call – and the first round of calls did not have a disclaimer – was disgusting. Our AG candidate – Montgomery – was also endorsed by McCain and no one doubts his tough stance on the border. Has anyone thought that maybe Munsil is MORE than just an illegal immigration candidate and has the whole package to win in November???

  6. I have to shake my head at the Simcox fiasco. Greg Patterson at Espressopundit shared an email exchange with Simcox today over the supposed mistake he made while recording the phone message for the Goldwater campaign. Imagine if when I was the Executive Director of Arizona Right to Life, I had decided to cut a message for Len Munsil stating that Don Goldwater was weak on the issue of abortion. Let’s say jokingly, I say that Arizona would be better off with Janet Napolitano if Len Munsil lost. I then let the message go out to thousands of households across Arizona. That would be the end of my credibility as head of Arizona’s pro-life organization. This is the exactly why Simcox’s credibility took a serious hit in my book.

  7. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Anyone catch Munsil on the Jay Lawrence show tonight? Finally admitted his campaign paid for the first push poll against Goldwater back in August… Of course, they denied that to the Clean Elections Commission when they were playing the victim and cashing in for 80 grand… That push poll had no disclaimer as well and if you asked, you were told that the Summit Group was paying for it. I think that’s what Len would call illegal? Yup, it is… Not that I expect anyone here to be bothered by it…

  8. Oro Valley Dad says


    I certainly am.

  9. Over the past few days, I have received three separate negative pieces in the mail from the Munsil campaign going after Don Goldwater. Looks to me like the Munsil campaign is scared to death that they are going to lose this to race to a real conservative.

    And gee, a campaign run by Nathan Sproul using dirty tricks, what a shock?

  10. First, the “push poll” in August was not a push poll. It contained factual statements without referring to ANY particular candidate. Second, the expense for the poll was disclosed in campaign finance reports in August (you can find it by looking it up on the SOS website) – hardly hiding anything. Third, will you guys get a grip on what a “negative” piece is? If you point out an opponent’s position on issues, to include the FACT that they have changed positions, it is informing voters, not negative campaigning. For crying out loud, do you expect candidates to mail out brochures saying how lovely their opponent is but they are actually more lovely!? Lastly, McCain’s endorsement does not mean Len’s position on the border has changed. Does the fact that Sen. Kyl has been endorsed by Democrats mean he is now a liberal and cannot be trusted on the border, either?? How about the fact that Sen. McCain is Sen. Kyl’s Campaign Chair??

  11. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    D, Saguaro, it was a push poll and it named Goldwater. The company conducting the poll did NOT disclose who was paying for it (which is illegal), and Munsil’s campaign denied paying for it, claiming that their expensed poll was a separate poll. He lied.

    Lastly, they are negative pieces, which I really don’t think is a big deal. I don’t actually object to negative pieces if they are factual, but not all of Munsil’s points are. Still, there is no law against negative pieces and you always expect folks who are trying to catch up in the polls to use them… Of course, they’re usually smart enough not to actually sign a pledge swearing not to… Its not the negative that gets you in trouble, its breaking your word…

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