News of the Day – Thomson, Hagel, Romney and a CTU Agent Named Schroeder

Senator Fred Thompson is considering jumping into the GOP Presidential race. Considering Thompson’s consistent views and votes on the issues important to conservatives, he may draw a sizeable crowd among conservatives. Many GOP true and faithful are still not 100% commited to the handful of early entries. McCain is simply disliked, Giuliani is too liberal and Romney’s past continues to haunt him. A Thompson entry may spark some excitement but its still too early to speculate how much critical mass he can acquire.

The presidential announcement that wasn’t occurred today when Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel drew reporters only to to tell them he hadn’t decided to run, yet. But even stranger than the announcement was an insinuation that President Bush might be impeached before all is said and done. Hagel bagel, what’s up with this guy? Jim Jeffords, move over.

Meanwhile, Governor Mitt Romney, is reported to have made sizeable donations to Massachusetts affiliates of the National RIght to Life Committee and Family Reasearch Council. While he has certainly put his money where his mouth apparently is, will this be enough to persuade single-issue voters to jump on the Romney bandwagon?

But there’s nothing like a Vice President who’s not up for a presidential bid. In a speech to the American Israeli Political Action Committee today, Vice President Cheney let loose against the cut and run congress.

Finally, is that former Scottsdalian Ricky Schroeder on 24?


  1. Mr. Consevative says

    Did you know that Ricky Schroeder is a Mormon? Now, why is this not a problem ( or a way that he’s identified ) by the news media while Gov. Romney’s religion gets mentioned all the time? Just a thought…

  2. Yes, that is true and yet I don’t think I’ve ever read the media describe him as such. You have to wonder if it’s only politicians who get the mention in the media because Mormons are typically more conservative and the media views conservatism as a threat. What would be really interesting is a comparison between Harry Reid and Mitt Romney and how many times the word “Mormon” is used to describe each. I’m willing to bet that Romney is far more described than Reid.

  3. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    You two must be joking… Is this a toungue in cheek thing?

    Schroeder did convert to the Mormon faith some years ago. But he’s an actor, not a candidate for President. No one cares what religion an actor is and it has no influence on his/her work because they aren’t portraying themselves on screen… They are, oh, what’s that word? Oh yes, ACTING!

    Whether or not a candidate for President has religion and, if so, what kind of religion, speaks directly to the moral foundation they possess as an individual. Since they will be leading the country and protecting the free world (as compared to something truly important like being in an episode of 24) it matters.

    Now if you want to hear about an actor whose religion does get mentioned, and often, then look to the biggest of them all, Tom Cruise. John Travolta and he often get written of as Scientologists (not sure its actually a religion, so maybe the example doesn’t count?). So it does happen!

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