News Flash! Not all children require institutionalization.

school.jpg     Recently the Goldwater Institute released a report demonstrating that institutionalizing children in formal educational settings at an even earlier age has dubious and fleeting benefits. 

     Home schooling has long been an interesting contrast to formal education. Many home-schooled children show equal or better progress than children institutionalized in a formal education setting. Recently a new movement (actually the most original setting for learning) has emerged called Unschooling. Today’s East Valley Tribune has an article about this approach to early education and development. My favorite quote in the story is from a science teacher in the Higley Unified School District, “Everybody’s different, not everybody fits into the public school system.”

     The last 11 paragraphs of the story about a junior at Georgetown University who was unschooled as a youth are a refreshing view on learning and development.

     The notion that students who are not doing well in the confines of the current government run schools need increased exposure to those same institutions seems short sided in view of the success of many of those outside of the system. Has it occurred to our governor that perhaps a different setting is needed all together, not just more of the same?

Friday 2-16-07, 11:45 am

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