New York Times Takes Notice

Read the New York Times coverage of the Presidential straw poll taken at the recent Maricopa County GOP statutory meeting.



  1. Smart Voter says

    For a paper with the national prominence of the New York Times to cover the Maricopa County GOP Statutory Meeting straw poll results demonstrates not only an embarrassment to McCain, but an eclipse of his national standing.

    John McCain will be Arizona’s Al Gore. The local superhero who can’t get his cape on straight enough to soar over the state, and unable to generate enough current to keep himself afloat. If McCain bombs in Arizona, he’ll tank elsewhere. We know him best, which is the real reason he received 282 UNACCEPTABLE votes out of 458 ballot cast. That is actually more of a story than coming in fourth in the acceptable category.

    It may have helped McCain considerably if his arrogant current and former aides had been able to resist the temptation to stick it to “Platform Republicans.” By publicly endorsing Democrat Janet Napolitano, they served to highlight the enormous divide between McCain supporters and the rest of the GOP.

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