BREAKING! Convicted Felon Scott Rothstein – John McCain Video Unearthed!

Scott Rothstein was Senator John McCain’s top fundraiser during his Presidential campaign. Rothstein used campaign finance loopholes to bundle more than $1.1 million dollars to McCain’s campaign. As it turns out, most, if not all of that money, came from investors who Rothstein swindled out of $1.2 Billion in an elaborate Ponzi scheme, much like Bernie Madoff.

Despite his close ties to Rothstein, Senator John McCain’s spokesman said that McCain “couldn’t pick [Rothstein] out of a line up.”

These never before seen home tapes tell a different story.


  1. Jane 001 says

    If you doubted he was lying before, I hope this clears things up a bit.

  2. Dragon Lady says

    Umm, how could McCain NOT know his TOP fundraiser who had a seperate tracking system? The ease at which lies are spewed from McCain’s campaign is highly disturbing!

  3. Michael Holliday says

    This is the smoking gun that trumps all.

    Holy moly!

    Amnesty McCain’s got some explaining to do during the debates. But words fail one at this point!

    It’s this same shady mentality that’s about to open the floodgates to a massive influx of illegal aliens through amnesty.

    Time for JD to ride in and stop this nonsense!

  4. BREAKING! Old video easily available on youtube used to spin a multitude of lies!

    SA, showing it’s usual depths of desperation in backing a losing candidate, “unearths” a video that’s been on the internet for years in a feeble attempt to spin it’s pathetic lies.

    No film at 11, as the majority of voters are too busy laughing at you.

  5. Iris Lynch says

    Imagine the impossible..that some stubborn folks do not believe their own eyes and ears. Thanks for verifying that phenomenon.

  6. I wonder if Glenn Beck will give air time to this.

  7. I wonder if LD17 will eventually utter the Groucho Marx classic:

    “Who do you believe, me or your eyes?”

    And this is the guy who also keeps yakking about Jack Abramoff!

    Whose “Character Counts”?

  8. Fight On USC says

    Obama has MSNBC and JD has Sonoran Alliance, looks like big spending and shasy dealings arent the only things in common with the two.

  9. Statement from McCain campaign:

    “These fundraisers were both held well over two years ago, long before any information about Scott Rothstein’s misdeeds surfaced. They were just two fundraisers out of hundreds that helped raise more than $400 million from over 1.5 million donors to elect Senator McCain in his presidential bid and Republicans nationwide in 2008.

    “When the allegations against Rothstein came to light seven months ago in November 2009, Senator McCain immediately donated his contributions to charity — long before a desperate J.D. Hayworth tried use it as a campaign tactic.

    “Senator McCain has many admirable qualities, but unfortunately the power to see into the future is not one of them. There was obviously no way to know at the time that Rothstein would turn out to be a crook. Maybe we should have called Congressman Hayworth’s fellow infomercial scam star, Miss Cleo.” — McCain 2010 Communications Director Brian Rogers


    From The Associated Press, Thursday, June 10, 2010:

    McCain spokesman Brian Rogers said the $9,200 under McCain’s control was given to four Arizona charities in November. The rest of the money was out of the campaign’s control and was distributed to state GOP committees for the 2008 race, he said.

    Rothstein’s fraud didn’t come to light until a year after the presidential race, and Rogers said it was ridiculous for the Hayworth campaign to try to link McCain to a Ponzi scheme through the shenanigans of one former fundraiser.

    “This is absurd, but not surprising given Congressman Hayworth’s warped view of reality,” Rogers said.

  10. The desperation is obvious….

    My money is now on Deakin to best JD for 2nd place.

  11. If McCain is so innocent, why does he deny even knowing Scott Rothstein? Fess up John!

  12. hawkshawkins says

    Nice try, but McMoney took $1.1 million in contributions from this con and won’t give it back. John’s also taken money from other Ponzi schemers. Dirty money = dirty campaign.

  13. Dragon Lady says

    Jeff, you aren’t fooling anyone with your TonyGOPrano moniker. You are hardly a credible source.

    And can McCain explain why he had a separate accounting system for donations that Rothstein bundled?

    And $9200 my a$$ – check out how much his firm (who swindled over $1 billion) donated to McCain’s campaigns. Everyone knows that the money in Victory funds are directed by the candidate. He can’t hide behind the GOP’s skirt forever. He should donate ALL the money (over $1 mill) to the victims of Rothstein’s ponzi scheme.

  14. Walt Stephenson says

    Yes D lady the law requires you to identify your contributors. Every campaign at that level, including JD’s unless it is poorly run, will track its contributors.

    You are alleging that Senator McCain’s campaign is violating the law. As you know it is a FEC violation for any candidate to determine how Federal Victory Fund money is used. Please present any evidence you have to back up your allegation of criminal activity..

  15. “This is absurd, but not surprising given Congressman Hayworth’s warped view of reality,” Rogers said

    I’ll tell you what is absurd. The lame excuses McCain’s campaign makes up for his lapses in good judgment. The reality is that McCain for the upteenth time has been caught in a character compromising situation. Does anybody remember the Keating debacle? Trying to dress McCain up as a pillar of virtue is downright laughable. It’s time to retire McCain!! Vote J.D. Hayworth…it’s the only hope we have of fending off the next push for amnesty.

  16. It would have been helpful to the nation if candidate McCain had applied his tough scrutiny and gotten the media, (with his vaunted “connections” and “Washington experience”) to Obama’s donor list, a target-rich environment with Gaza addresses, and names like Mick E. Mouse.

    Noooo. Or McCain doesn’t have the swing with media he claims or the political clout he’s assures us he has. IF he had clout, and he was serious on “build the dang fence” we would have had a AZ/Mexico border fence ten years ago, but no, or the only other option is McCain uses his “clout” to make sure we DON’T get a fence.
    Now it’s, “Forget about my record and vote for me.”

  17. Gerry S. says

    I cannot believe that JD and his campaign would go so far at this feeble attempt to make a big deal out of bits of false information. Of course this is par for the course for JD, however, I would like to clear some of the issues up that I have researched on this subject. I feel like as much McCain bashing as they do on a regular basis, they should at least know all of the facts. When the allegations against Rothstein came to light seven months ago in November 2009, Senator McCain immediately donated his contributions to charity…Can you say the same for Abramoff’s donation?? NOPE, they only came when JD’s back was to a wall…(hypocrite?) I know these fundraisers were over 2 years ago… long before any information about Scott Rothstein’s issues surfaced. It is sad that McCain did not have a crystal ball to tell him the future, however, given the situation, he acted far more ethical then JD has ever acted in unfortunate situations.

  18. Jane 001 says

    John McCain plays fast and loose with campaign finance regulations which is the reason he’s had so many FEC complaints filed against him. His LACK of integrity is notorious.

    2008 – McCain enters matching funds program then opted out after applying for a bank loan without FEC approval.

    2008 – McCain travels to England for a fundraiser where the Rothchilds provide use of a private palace at no charge. But in-kind donations from foreign nationals are illegal. It was only after an FEC complaint that the Rothschilds supplied McCain with an invoice. Whether or not it was paid is another story.

    2008 – McCain flew to London using taxpayer money, and didn’t reimburese the federal government. Estimates of the one way charter flight were between $20,000-$56,000, McCain bucked and said he would only repay the government $3,000.

  19. Dragon Lady says

    @Gerry – seems to me you have been pasting that statement across all the blogs discussing this issue.

    1. How are McCain’s words and the FEC bundling facts “misinformation”
    2. Also, here was over 11,000 donated to McCain from the Rothstein family – so he apparently kept some of it.
    3. Rothstein BUNDLED over $1 million – most of which was from donations from his employees who he paid “bonuses” to if they made a donation. That is a part of the public record in transcripts from the Rothstein trial – as well as the “special” (non-FEC) tracking system to see if Rothstein was meeting his “goals.”

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