New Tim Bee ad

Another good ad. The progression is excellent. First ad establishes the candidate as a nice guy. The next ad establishes him as effective.



  1. Kralmajales says

    Effective a getting Southern Arizona a ballot proposition to keep our spring training?

    Effective at supporting the Governors budget two years in a row and taking on the conservatives in your party?

    What did he do in the last legislative session for S. Arizona.

    Seems like a lot of “buzz” to this Bee but very little sting.

  2. Kralmajales says

    Oh rats…Im sorry…I forgot…he did get us the tax that helps pay for all of those great projects downtown in Rio Nuevo.

  3. Ken Jacobs says

    When will Bee come out as a Republican?

  4. Party Loyalist says

    Ken is right

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