New Prolife Arizona PAC debuts – requests candidates return surveys

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Brand-New Prolife Organization

Promises to give more weight to candidates’ prolife scores, not their incumbency or contributions

Dear Candidate,

Congratulations on your campaign for elective office!

ProLife Arizona is a group of pro life Arizonans dedicated to fairly and honestly informing the voting public about candidates for office.

We do not accept donations from candidates, as we believe that leads to tainted endorsements.  We are truly non-partisan, and thus will acknowledge truly pro life candidates in any political party.  We believe a candidate’s pro-life stances are more important than his/her incumbency.

Attached is the 2010 ProLife Arizona Candidate Survey.  This survey is required of all candidates hoping to be recognized as pro life by our organization.   Even if you are not seeking an endorsement, your completion of the survey provides Arizona voters with a more complete picture of the candidates who wish to represent them.

We ask that your survey be returned as soon as possible in order for your candidacy to be considered by our organization.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank you for your willingness to serve the citizens of Arizona, and good luck to you!

Blessed with LIFE,

David B. Roney


ProLife Arizona

Click here for the candidate questionnaire


  1. Choose Life says

    Glad to see another prolife organization here in Arizona! Arizona Right to Life under John Jacubczyck can be bought. They endorse pro-abortion candidates. Whoever contributes the most to John’s pockets or cozies up to him can buy that PAC’s endorsement.

    Read about it their bought and paid for endorsements here:

  2. I hope the candidates start to push back on these kinds of groups. They create themselves out of nothing (no board of directors, no legal structure = no accountability). Then they send out questions for candidates, and then what? Who cares.

    Like it or not, AZRTL and the NRA are household names that most people respect. It’s going to be awfully hard to take them down a few notches, let alone replace them with some “more pure” version.

    Now, is anyone out there voting for or against McCain because of the NRA or AZRTL? Nope.

    If you really want these prolife issues in the public discussion put them on the ballot. But that’s a lot more work than setting up a website emailing a questionnaire.

  3. What a joke.

  4. Colorz, So citizens who have questions for candidates need to have a board of directors and legal structure? Wow, what happened to the American value of access to our politicians? I guess you’d be against regular people going to a town hall then too. Further, people do vote on the life issue, the only issue of real importance. If you get in a major car accident, do you ask the parametics to eliminate green house gases, lower your taxes, repave your street, or save your life?

    Laughing, your therapist has told you several times not to look in the mirror when you get out of bed.

  5. Awesome to see a new group! AZ-RTL has had a monopoly for many years, and they’ve often missed the mark on endorsements. Their McCain endorsement was a infuriating.

    I think Roney used to run the pac at AZ-RTL, if I’m not mistaken. If it’s the same guy, he’s solid, and has been in the movement many years.

  6. Tears for aborted unborn says

    It was sad to seethat AzRTL abondoned Thayer Vershoor. He is a God-fearing man that has always voted pro-life, pro-family values.

  7. Jack Hammer says

    What is unusual lies in the fact that AZRTL will endorse several candidates in certain Congressional and Legislative Districts during the primary season, but in the case of the Senate race would only endorse the candidate with the poorer pro-life record!

    There is a certain aroma about this decision that should be dispelled.

    I’m glsd to see another, fresher and hopefully, cleaner organization pick up the cause against pre-natal infanticide.

    AZRTL and the N.R.A. which also endorsed a C rated John McCain and is on the verge of endorsing Harry Reid in Nevada have outlived their moral usefulness!

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